Monday , June 14 2021

Last Shutdown: Congress is expected to vote Thursday on the deal – Live US news

Parliament is expected to pass a bilateral spending bill to prevent a new government closure on Thursday evening, majority leader Steny Hoyer told reporters on Wednesday.

The bill will then go to the Senate, where party leaders expressed optimism. Trump has not committed himself publicly to the signing of the agreement, but Congress leaders hope and wish to point out that he is also not publicly committed to not signing it.

If the president does not sign the bill, part of the US government will be suspended at midnight on Friday.

Hoyer called this measure – which includes $ 1,375 billion for new border fences, far less than Trump required for a steel or concrete wall – a "reasonable compromise," and expressed confidence that it would easily pass through the camera. Voting was not going to take place until Thursday night after a funeral table for longtime longtime congressman John Dingle in Washington and allowed members to come back from North Carolina where a funeral service for congressman Walter Jones was held.

The Democratic Liberian Democrat, fresh from a trip to the border, stressed that he had encountered no "crisis" as described by the president. Fencing, he said, should be part of a much wider solution.

Asked whether there would be further implications for Democrat Party Congressman Ilhan Omar, who apologized this week for online remarks that were widely condemned as anti-Semitic, Hoyer said the conference reacts "strongly" and will do it again in the future.

"Congressman Omar apologized," he said. – Excuses are appropriate. The real test is the action that goes forward. … And honestly, if this does not reflect, there may be additional actions. "

He dismissed the comparison with Congressman Steve King, a Iowa Republican who was deprived of committee appointments after questioning why the white supremacy was offensive.

"Congressman has been using language for years and taking action that violates the values ​​of our country and adversely affects his party and Congress," he said. "His party has finally decided to take action after years and years. Honestly, there is another member of their party, who regularly uses similar language and a similar wailing of people, nationalities, race, disabilities and that is the president of the United States. "

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