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Lil Nas X Drop "Old Town Road (remix)" with young Thug

And that's right, the latest version of Lil Nas X's "Old City Road" is here. Today (July 11), the rapper unloads his remix from "Young Talk" with "Old Town Road".

The latest release of the record single also includes the teenage viral sensation Mason Ramsey, also known as "The Walmart Yodeling Boy", for their popular YouTube videos. At the heart of the song are the same poems by Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. Thugger adds his own sense to the track of the third verse.

"Maserati ridin", I have V12 for my bride (Skrrt) / Foggy rocky road, I have three wheels inside (Ayy), "Thug rhymes." All I want to do is take a pill to catch a cool mood / real prince , I'm more real than a real don. "

Ramsey pulls out the back with new bars. "Enter my RZR, I have thousands of acres / right up on the cows where they pray not to disturb her / IO, IO, yippee-yo ka-yay / If you have no stunning, then dizzying," muttered the children.

The remix is ​​the one that has been annoyed since April. This is also something that marks the moment when Lille Nas X works for one of his heroes. Talking with road in March the rapper joined Young Thug to help the pioneer state-trap.

– The song is a rural trap. Not one, not the other. Both. It should be both [charts], "Nas X said about the" Old Town Road "in the interview. "I believe that every time you try something new, there will always be some bad reception. For example, when rap started, or when rock and roll started. But with the trap of the country, I do not want to take credit for that. I believe Young Thug will be one of the biggest pioneers in this. "

Check out Lil Nas X and Thugger "Old Town Road (Remix)" for yourself below.

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