Thursday , June 17 2021

Marshmelo confirms that the voice was broadcast in real time during a Fortnite concert

Once Epic Games and Marshmello united to astonish Fortnite fans with a live concert in the game, the artist confirmed that his voice was broadcast live.

After the premiere of the event, the fans discussed whether Marshmall's voice during the show was broadcast live or pre-recorded. Luckily, the artist put the debate on holiday.

During the live broadcast, Fortune the CouRageJD asked Marshmelo whether his voice was recorded in advance for the set. To the surprise of CouRage, confirmed Melo confirmed that it is broadcast in real time.

It was all alive, man!

That was the whole thing, so you know, in the earliest actions of all this, we were not sure what could be overcome as far as it is related to the bandwidth, the live voice and everything live.

But they took their time and invented everything, and when it was time to go, they arranged everything.

That's what makes it the next level.

This is surprising for many to see what technology the Epic Games team can apply. Separate large, synchronous in-game events Epic Games continues to shrink its abilities with Unreal Engine.

For fans who unfortunately missed the premiere, do not worry! Marshmello will perform bis at 2am Eastern time on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

It is expected that the presentation of a bisex will be a repeat of the original, as opposed to an entirely new set. That's why Marshmelo's voice probably will not be broadcast in real time during the bissa.

What was your favorite part of Fortnite x Marshmello?

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