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Mercedes-Benz stadium stopped ripping fans at the concession stand and provoked a revolution

When he co-founded the Home Depot chain, owner of the Atlanta Falcons Arthur Blank tried to make client experience and pricing the highest priority. He uses the same discount model in Mercedes-Benz Stadium – and this has an impact throughout the country.

Two stadiums ago, the stadium revealed a great experiment in professional sports: food and beverages that ordinary fans can afford: 5 beers and 2 hot dogs.

"I would hear fans, just people around me, just complaining about it all the time. So, you know, I told our management team that we should value it every day the same way they would pay elsewhere where they went to Atlanta, "said Blanc to Dana Jacobson as early as 2017.

This means happier fans and higher profits. According to Falcons president and chief executive Rich McKay, fans spent 16% more overall in the first year, even with a 50% price cut.

– That was amazing. We have not foreseen that. Maybe Arthur did in his wisdom, but we did not, "McKay said when the stadium was ready to host Super Bowl.

"We have repeated these results in 2018 in 2018. It's not hard to see that if you listen to the fans, you do what they want, they will deliver," McKay said. "The right thing to do is unbelievable how, it often leads to making money."

Scott Rosner, director of Columbia University's Sports Management Program, said Blank had changed the next generation of sports stadiums.

"He is quite successful in this brave, intelligent move," Rosner said. "We are talking about the cost of living for customers … and the value of the client's life, because Atlanta's sports fan is, I think, much higher now because people want to go there. This is an affordable experience. "

Atlanta Falcons hope the new stadium can boost the surrounding community

NFL teams such as Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lyons follow Sokol's lead.

In Baltimore, Ravens think that a four-person family can only be bought for $ 44, saving 34 percent. In Detroit last season, fans can get a hot dog, soda and chips for $ 10, or a beer for $ 12.

The pricing strategy also catches off NFL. MLB's Blank Team, Atlanta, who plays at Mercedes-Benz, is under the same stadium as Falcons.

Ballymore Orioles and some college teams like the University of Texas have cut prices.

Another key is speed. The number of concession stands has increased, and the falcons have exported the soda machines from behind the counter.

– The speed of service is so important. I doubt we'd ever do it if the falcons did not. Coonin, CEO of Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena.

And the stadium is not a hike for Super Bowl prices.

"They will see a volume they have not seen before because the people who will be in the building for the first time are always a little like:" Really? So I can have these two hot dogs, two carbonated beverages. Can I drink beer and I'm still under $ 20? This usually shocks some people, "McKay said.

Sports stadiums may just be the beginning. McKay said about the bigger chains of movie theaters that came to him and his team for insight.

"We showed them everything we have, and we keep checking to say," Okay, when will you pull the trigger? "

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