Wednesday , June 16 2021

Metformin "miracle medicine" can be the key to maintaining weight loss

  • Metformin is called a "miracle drug" due to its low cost, minimal risks and the ability to prevent diabetes and potential aging.
  • A new study found that metformin has the potential to help some people lose weight and maintain weight loss over long periods of time.
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Metformin, an inexpensive drug called "miracle" because of its use as a medicine to prevent diabetes and its potential anti-aging properties, can also help people lose weight, according to a new study.

Researchers believe that the drug prescribed to patients suffering from diabetes, diabetics and people suffering from PCOS can help patients who have lost large amounts of weight to maintain it in the long term.

The study, which was published on April 22, Anal of Internal Diseases, compare the effects of metformin against diet and exercise to maintain weight loss and weight loss.

In a randomized, controlled study, researchers have prescribed over 3,000 overweight, overweight or elevated glucose, placebo, metformin or ILS, which includes a diet plan and exercise plan. The researchers then observed participants over 15 years of age, looking at how much weight they lost during the first year of the study, and their ability to maintain this weight loss over time.

Researchers determine long-term weight loss as at least 5% weight loss from the baseline weight of a person in a one-year review.

They found that participants who used the ILS method were more likely to lose at least 5% of their weight in the first year of metformin use, whereas metformin users lost an average of 2.1% of their weight over a period of two years.

Despite their lower overall weight loss, people who took metformin 850 mg twice a day were more likely to maintain weight loss over time than people who lost weight using the ILS method.

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"People [doing ILS] did not show enthusiasm for the presence of these lifestyle interventions. Diet and exercise enthusiasm usually do not last long, "says Dr Kishore M. Gade, the lead author of the study." Taking a pill a day is a lot easier than going to diet and exercise for 15 years . Almost no one can achieve it. "

Metformin has not been beneficial to all, but has helped some maintain weight loss

Gadde notes that people who have lost at least 5% weight and claim that weight loss with metformin is a relatively small group – only 28.5% of the study participants – so despite the effectiveness of the drug for some, it does not offer benefits to everyone in the lawsuit.

However, Gadde believes that more research should be done on the potential use of metformin as a weight loss management tool, as 28.5% have managed to maintain about 2% weight loss for an average of 10 years.

Metformin helped 28.5% of the study participants lose at least 5% of body weight and maintain 2% weight loss over long periods of time.

"Maybe people who have to lose weight for health reasons can lose weight on a limited calorie diet for 3 months and then go to a primary doctor and dress up like a metformin to see if they can maintain This weight loss would be practical for him, Gade said.

There were some warnings about the study. Not all participants showed their annual checks, which left some holes in the data. In addition, Gadde said some patients may have taken higher metformin than prescribed in the study, as the researchers eventually left it to the individual healthcare providers of the participants.

"[Some] People in the study had pre-diabetes and some developed diabetes in the end. Since metformin is a medicine for diabetes, they may have taken metformin further, "he said.

But the profitability of metformin makes it an attractive option. 30-day supply of 1000 mg tablets of metformin costs 4 dollars in Walmart, for example, compared to thousands of dollars, other obesity drugs cost annually.

– The very sequence of [metformin for weight management] Surprise me. That has to be traced, Gade said.

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