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Michael Jackson's property calls "Leaving a documentary" Neverland "for" murder of heroes "after the debut of the Sundance Film Festival,

A documentary that deals with two men's alleged misconduct for Michael Jackson is considered a "tabloid murder" from the pop star's property.

"Leaving Neverland", which debuted on Friday at the Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a four-hour film revealing accusations of sexual violence by Wade Robson and James Seifchuk, who received audiences' voices.

The property in Jackson mentions Robson, now 36, and 40-year-old Safechuck as "recognized liars" and "untrue", and says the film is a bad service to the "legitimate" victims of child abuse.

"Leaving Neverland is not a documentary, it's kind of tabloid murder that Michael Jackson has experienced in life, and now in death," begins their statement received from Deadline Hollywood. "The film takes unconfirmed allegations that were supposed to have happened 20 years ago and treats them as a fact.These claims are grounds for litigation brought by these two recognized liars who were eventually dismissed by a judge. have provided no independent evidence and absolutely no evidence to support their accusations, which means that the whole film depends only on the word of two false ones.


According to Robson and Safechuck, they meet with Jackson when they were very young, according to Vanity Fair. Both boys and their families have become very close to the singer over the years, when they claim they both had sexual relations with the legendary musician when they were 7 and 10 years old and did not realize they were abusive until do not become fathers later in life.

Robson and Safechuck took the stand to defend Jackson during his 1993 trial to destabilize children, but they changed their positions when judging Jackson's property in 2013 and 2014, respectively, officially acknowledging the existence and breadth of the alleged abuse. Both cases were dismissed by a judge on the basis of a limitation period.

Robson again took his place to defend Jackson in 2003 when the king of pope was charged with seven children's censuses and two points for administering an intoxicating agent for committing a crime. But Safechuck did not do that, which allegedly ended his relationship with Jackson.

Jackson claims Robson's support from the pop star in 1993 and 2003 denies the credibility of his accusations of abuse and claims that he only claimed against Jackson when he was transferred to a role in the Cirque Cirque. du Soleil show. They believe the charges against Jackson have always been for money.

The two accusers took the stand in defense of Jackson during his 1993 harassment trial, but later sued the star with his own accusations of abuse.

The two accusers took the stand in defense of Jackson during his 1993 harassment trial, but later sued the star with his own accusations of abuse.

"For 20 years, Wade Robson denied court and numerous interviews, including after Michael was killed and said he was grateful for everything Michael did for him," the statement continues. His family took advantage of Michael's mercy, generosity and support until Michael died. ,


"Despite all the frank denials that this is not about money, it has always been about money – millions of dollars – since 2013 when both Wade Robson and James Seifchuk, who share the same law firm, began their unsuccessful claims against Michael Property, "he continues.

"Now that Michael is no longer here to defend himself, Robson, Seifchuk and their attorneys continue their efforts to gain prominence and pay day by blurring them with the same allegations that the jurors have found him innocent when he was alive.

The property also claims that the director of "Leaving Neverland" has focused only on Jackson's accusers and has not provided a platform for others to spearhead Billie Jean.

"Leaving Neverland" made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday and will be released as a two-part series of HBO in Spring
(Danny Molosshok / Invision / AP)

"Focused, the director allowed the Sundance Film Festival to limit his interviews only to those accusers and their families, thus deliberately avoiding interviewing many people over the years that have spent considerable time with Michael Jackson and have said that treating the children with respect and doing nothing wrong with them, choosing not to include any of these independent voices that could challenge the story that he was determined to sell, the director ignored the factual check in order to be able to design a so obviously one-sided, that viewers never get anything like a balanced portrait, "the statement said.

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Since it was announced that Leaving Neverland is in production, protesters are preparing to protect Jackson online and personally. Protesters set up outside the theater during the film's debut on Friday, armed with Jackson quotes such as: "Lies run sprints but the truth is running marathons."

Police had a strong presence during the Utah show, but the debut came and went without a major incident. During a Q & A session, the two men clearly showed that they had never received any money to participate in the documentary, according to the Deadline. "Leaving Neverland" will be released in a two-part series of HBO this spring.

The property in Jackson, known for its legal craftsmanship, has not yet officially ruled against the more widespread release of the film.

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