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Michael Jackson's Statement on "Leaving Docland on Neverland" – Diversity

Michael Jackson's estate came out with a statement on the film "Leave Neverland," which premieres Sundance on Friday morning (January 25th). The documentary was shown at the Egyptian Theater in Park City. The property released its statement about 12 hours after the film debuted, posing the question with what he calls "the kind of tabloid murder Michael Jackson suffered in life and now in death."

Dan Reed's film follows two accusations, Wade Robson and James Seifchuk, describing intensive and graphic actions that say Jackson has done against them, as well as those who say the pop icon has made them engage with him. Robson met Jackson with a dance contest at the age of 5, claiming that sexual violence began when he was 7 years old.

Jackson consistently and completely denied any abuse when he was alive, saying he would never hurt a child. As an adult, Robson was one of Jackson's toughest defenders, along with Makowi Kulkin and Cory Feldman. Jackson died in June 2009

Read the statement of the property in its entirety below:

"Leaving Neverland" is not a documentary, it's a kind of tabloid murder that Michael Jackson endured in life, and now in death. The film takes unverified allegations that are supposed to have happened 20 years ago and treats them as a fact. These allegations are the basis of litigation brought by these two adopted liars who were eventually dismissed by a judge. The two accusers have testified that these events have never occurred. They have not provided any independent evidence and absolutely no evidence to support their accusations, which means that the whole film depends only on the word of two false ones.

It is said that the director admitted at the Sundance Film Festival that he restricted his interviews only to these accusers and their families. In this way, he deliberately avoids interviewing many people over the years that spend considerable time with Michael Jackson and unequivocally claim to treat children with respect and do nothing harm to them. Choosing not to include any of these independent voices that could challenge the narrative that he was determined to sell, the director ignores the fact-check so that he can make a narrative so rude that viewers never get anything close to a balanced portrait .

For 20 years, Wade Robson denied court and numerous interviews, including after Michael had passed that he was a victim and said he was grateful for everything Michael did for him. His family took advantage of Michael's mercy, generosity and career support until Michael died. Comfortable dropped out of Leaving Neverland was the fact that when Robson was denied a role in Michael Jackson's The Cirque du Soleil thematic production, his assassination charges suddenly appeared.

We are extremely sympathetic to any legitimate victim of child abuse. This film, however, makes these victims a bad service. Because despite all the foolish denials that this is not about money, it's always been about money – millions of dollars – since 2013, when both Wade Robson and James Seifchuk, who share the same law firm, began their unsuccessful claims against Michael Estate. Now that Michael is no longer here to defend himself, Robson, Safechuck and their attorneys continue their efforts to achieve prominence and pay day, naming him with the same claims that jurors have found him innocent when he was alive .

"Michael Jackson's property

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