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Mother, daughter, held unrelated to the killing of a pregnant teenager strangled before the baby is cut from the womb

One of the women accused of strangling 19-year-old Marlene Ochoa-Lopez and cutting her adult baby from her womb pretended to be pregnant months earlier, County Court Prosecutor said on Friday.

Clarita Figueroa, along with her daughter Desiree and her friend Piotr Bobak, continued the fraud a few weeks after the murder of Ochoa-Lopez, prosecutors argued, pretending that the baby was Figueroa and wanted money in a place for kudufanding because the newborn boy was hospitalized in Heavy condition.

Calling the murder "brutal and disgusting," Judge Susanna Ortiz ordered all three to be held out of contact on Friday after Cook's prosecutors exposed the terrifying details to the crowded courtroom in the Leighton Criminal Court building.

The older 46-year-old Figueroa and her 24-year-old daughter are facing a first-degree murder and a heavy-weight child who causes a permanent disability in the death of Ochoa-Lopez. 40-year-old Bobak is accused of hiding murder.

Police and prosecutors said the younger Figueroa had admitted having helped her mother in the murder of Ochoa-Lopez, whose body was found on Tuesday in the same garbage at the home of the Southwest family, where the police found that coaxial cables they strangled her.

By issuing five pages of evidence details, prosecutors say Ocho-Lopez has stretched his hand and touched the nose of the family dog ​​Figueroa during a long struggle while the older Figueroa sitting on it took four to five minutes for to strangle her.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the younger Figueroa has given the police a "full video of confession".

The businessman began, noting that the older Figueroa had lost his son, Xander, for natural reasons last year when he was only 20 years old.

Prosecutors said old Figueroa had told her daughters last October that she was pregnant – a surprise not only because of her age but also after she had tethered the fallopian tubes.

By December, she has published an ultrasound photo on Facebook of the fetus she claims to be worn, the prosecutor said.

Flowers, chocolates, kites with bright yellow stars: Friends remember Marlene Ochoa-Lopez, "hard girl"

On a Facebook page intended for mothers, Eugene Figueroa published in February that she had named her child Xander and showed a picture of a baby cot and a decorated baby room.

She followed this up next month by posting on the same Facebook Mother Help page asking who was supposed to be born in May. That same day, March 5, Ochoa-Lopez, who was seven months pregnant, reached out to Figueiro, who offered her brand new clothes for her baby.

On April 1, Ochoa-Lopez visited the residence of Figueireiro in block 4100 W. 77th place.

Figueroa, which, according to the prosecutor's office, had previously told her daughter that she needed help in killing a pregnant woman and taking her baby, told her she had to kill Ochoa-Lopez.

The younger Figueroa refused and told his unrecognized friend who was at home what her mother wanted. The girlfriend threatened to call the police. After Ochoa-Lopez left the house, the younger Figueroa told her friend that all this was a joke of April stupidity, prosecutors said.

Marlene Ochoa-Lopez dreamed of becoming a singer or a fashion designer: "She had a great future"

On April 23, Ocho-Lopez returned to Figoero's house where he was driving his black Honda Civic.

While Ochoa-Lopez sat on the living room sofa, the two women of Figueroa were discussing in the kitchen – with music that silenced their voices – their plans to strangle her and cut off the baby from the womb, prosecutors say.

On her return to the living room, younger Figueroa distracted Ochoa-Lopez with a family photo album and her mother stood behind the couch and wrapped the cable around her neck, prosecutors said.

Ocho-Lopez managed to put his fingers between the door and the cable, but the older Figueroa told his daughter: "You do not do your job on ——," prosecutors say.

The daughter then plucked Ochoia-Lopez's fingers one by one, and her mother tightened the cable around her neck before she found the victim, according to the prosecutors.

She continued to strangle her for four to five minutes while Ochoa-Lopez died, prosecutors said.

At the request of her mother, younger Figueroa took out a blanket, a large plastic bag and a butcher, prosecutors said. When her daughter left the room, the older Figueroa cut Ocho-Lopez's belly on one side of the other, pulled the baby out of the womb and put it in the bucket, according to the prosecutors.

When the daughter returned to the room, the older Figueroa wrapped Ocho-Lopez in a blanket, "pushed" her into the plastic bag and tied it tight, a prosecutor said. Then the mother lifted the bag to the trash hidden from the family garage.

Then Elder Figueroa called 911 and announced that she had given birth to a baby who did not breathe, said a prosecutor. When the paramedics arrived, she held the baby with the placenta attached and the umbilical cord. Both were pressed to the Medical Center of Christ's Advocate.

The baby remains in a severe condition and has "zero brain activity," said a prosecutor.

Police inspector Eddie Johnson said on Thursday that "we can only assume" that Figueroas plans to raise the baby as his own.

The police said the detectives had not started dividing the case together until May 7, two weeks after Ocho-Lopez's disappearance, when a friend of the little teenage girl mentioned she had taken part in a Facebook chat site. After checking the site, the detectives learned that Ocho-Lopez had gone to Figoiro's home to collect baby clothes. Detectives then went to the house and questioned the younger Figueroa, who finally discovered that her 46-year-old mother had just given birth to a baby. The search for the neighborhood revealed the Octo-Lopez car parked nearby, police said.

The same day, the detectives went to the hospital to talk to the older Figueroa, who denied that Ocho-Lopez had appeared in his house on April 23rd. the older Figueroa, as she claimed.

On Tuesday, the detectives searched the home of Figueroa. Inside the backyard bin in the backyard police find the remains of Ochoa-Lopez and the coaxial cable used to strangle her, authorities said. Detectives also found the remains of burned clothes and blood evidence at the Figaro home as well as bleach and cleaning solution, police said.

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Ocho-Lopez's father criticizes police efforts by saying he does not think the department is paying enough attention at the outset of the disappearance due to the immigrant family background.

"We came to this country to give my daughter a good life," said Arnulfo Ochoa in front of the cabinet of Cook's medical experts. "We just want justice for what they did for my daughter," the father said.

The family also asked why doctors at the Attorney-General's Medical Center did not ask more questions when the baby was taken there.

"Why did not they notice?" Ocho asked.

In a brief statement, Advocate Christos Medical Center declined to comment "from respect for the privacy of the patient and in accordance with federal and state regulations."

At a press conference Thursday in the police station, reporters were forced to explain why detectives are unable to understand what happened to Ochoa-Lopez more quickly.

"Once they got this holiday on May 7, things started to grow fast," Johnson said. "At first, nothing could have directed us in that direction.

"Do not forget that it's a real life, it's not" 48 hours, "Johnson later said in terms of a TV crime. – It does not work like that. It takes time.

Johnson also drew attention to the frustration of Ochoa-Lopez's family. "All of us here are parents, brothers, sisters, sons or daughters, so we do not avoid the emotional exhaustion that something like that takes people," said the chief. "I can not … pretend to imagine what's going through that family. They have to celebrate the birth of a little baby. Instead … they complain about the loss of the mother and perhaps that little child. . "

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