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Newman would enjoy the chance to drive wienermobile

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Ryan Newman answers questions during an interview with NASCAR Daytona 500 on Daytona International Speedway, Wednesday, February 13, 2019 in Daytona Beach, Florida (AP Photo / John Raoux)

DEATH BEACH, FLORIDA (AP) – NASCAR's latest media day for Daytona 500 (all local):

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Ryan Newman will enjoy the opportunity to manage Oscar Meyer's wienermobile.

Oscar Meyer is Newman's main sponsor this season of Ford's No. 6 Roush Fenway Racing. Newman was wearing a yellow-orange light and taking care of his desire to revolve around Oscar Meyer's famous 27-meter hot-dog on wheels.

"I'll do it, yes," said Newman. "I do not think any" Duke of Hazzard "has jumped over to Oscar Meyer.


1:30 am

Paul Menard says he spoke to Jimmy Johnson and banished the remnants of the late race that cost Menard a win at the Clash show.

Johnson triggered a wreck that destroyed almost the whole field of 20 cars when he dropped down and tried to draw Menard as they struggled for the lead. Johnson turned to Menar, starting a massive chain reaction behind him. Johnson walks past Menard and wins the race for rain.

– Jimmy did what he did to try and win. It was not intentional, "said Menard.

Mennard refused to discuss much of the specifics of the conversation, saying he was ready to "continue" the incident.

"It's done," he said, looking at the mirror, "said Manard.

Not everyone was willing to leave it. Partner Corey LaJoie joked that there might be a better shot during the season – if Jimmy can take another 20 cars on Sunday.


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Cory Laoye believes he has the best beard in the Cup.

This is about to be exposed at national level.

LaJoie's face and beard are featured on the front of his Ford 32 for Speedweeks.

"I was initially against it," Lajoy said on Wednesday's Media Day on Daytona. "But Old Spice had an idea of ​​what they wanted to do, and they were confronted with it. They just gave us the only chance. There were no A, B, and C options.

"It was:" Your face moves in the car with what looks like hair down (on the side) of the car because we push our dry shampoo and deal with it. "I was like," Okay, right? "But as soon as we get this out, it's just grip, like no one else, much more than anyone expects.

There were jokes, memes, and lots of quagmire, as the painting scheme debuted in Daytona last week.


12:50 h

Kyle Bush says he's deep in negotiations to extend the contract with Joe Gibbs Racing.

Busch has ruled 18th Toyota for Gibbs since 2008 and is in a contract year with the organization. He was surprised that he learned on Wednesday that his contract was public, but said he was not a real free agent.

"We are currently discussing, we are talking. Everything is coordinated, "Bush said. – It's just a matter of putting a pen on paper. We are all good. "

Bush won 47 races for the Gibbs Cup and the 2015 Championship. He has competed for the title in each of the last four seasons.



Johnny Sauther saved his season in 2019 about a month after he collapsed without warning.

Sauter lost the race with GMS Racing in January when the team decided to use the ruling Truck Squad Champion Brett Moffitt.

The decision dazzled Sauter, who won six GMS events last season and finished fourth in the final of the championship. Sauter won the Truck Series Championship in 2016, did not finish lower than the fourth of the last six seasons and won 13 times for the GMS.

Sauter finally gathered a new job just before he had to report to Daytona International Speedway. He will re-race this season for ThorSport Racing, where he competes in 2009 as he joins the GMS in 2016.

"I'll be back home," said Sauter. "I could not be more proud to go back there and participate in a championship."

ThorSport expands to four full trucks with Sauter. He will be team mate Matt Krafton, Ben Rhodes, Mait Snyder and Grant Enfinger. Snider will run in certain races for the team.

Sauter arrived in Daytona three days before the first race in a series of trucks on Friday night.


11:00 h.

Casey Mears will have a Daytona 500 paint scheme. The Merrians have secured one of the open spots for the race on Sunday when they qualify for the all-black Chevrolet 27. Without a guaranteed place on the pitch, Germain Racing has failed to sign a primary sponsor in time for qualifying.

Still dressed in a plain, black fire suit, Mears had the smallest hat on Rimard on his lap.

"They literally handed me this hat when I walked through the door," said Mears on Daytona 500's Media Day. "She learns as I leave. It looks like a pretty cool company. "

The company creates skateboard wheels.

Mears, who has one win at 488 starts, said there were no other races scheduled for this season. It was second in the 2006 Daytona 500.

Mears performs a second post for Germain in a car built in collaboration with Premium Motorsports. He was one of the six drivers who are fighting for four open spots in the NASCAR season opening.



Ross Chastain, a Florida watermelon farmer and an ambitious racing driver, felt he would probably always be a driver running the teams who had little chance of winning races.

Then the chance encounter with a potential sponsor changed Chastain's life.

Chastain was spotted washing a wheelchair among practitioners from DC Solar's head and the chairman was delighted to learn that Chastain had earned extra money to fund his racing dreams. Jeff Carpoff was determined to want to sponsor Chastain and pay for Chastain to run a handful of Xfinity Series races for Chip Ganassi Racing.

Chastain won in his second start at Ghanais' equipment and in November he had a full Xfinity with Ghanaci, funded by DC Solar.

The joy of his long-awaited break was short. Federal investigators have invaded DC Solar headquarters in December, and Carpoffs have been silent since then. Ghansi has closed the Xfinity team and Chastain has been looking for work roughly a month before the start of the season.

"I do not run the racing car I thought I was going to be, but there are thousands of people whose life is head-down and when I can not sleep at night, that's why," Chastain said. – Many people who had to find a new job.


10:30 h.

Denny Hemelin dedicates this NASCAR season to the memory of Joe Gibbs co-founder in J. Gibbs.

Joe Gibbs's eldest son and coach of Pro Football Hall of Fame passed away in January at the age of 49. J.D. Gibbs discovered Hamlin on a late model test at the Hickory Motor Speedway in North Carolina in the early 2000s.

Hamilin's charity donated $ 111 to the J.D. Gibbs Legacy for every tour that leads to the 11th Toyota in 2019. Hamlin also hopes to dedicate Gibbs' victory, preferably to Daytona.

"This will be extremely important," Hamlin said. "Obviously everyone knows how important it was to me and my career and everything he did for us. Of course, track success will be crucial for this. Now that I promise $ 111 for each guided tour, it will be important for me to get ahead and often lead. "

Hamlin's career for tours is 1,380 in 2009

Gibbs died of complications after a long battle with degenerative neurological disease. In 2015 it was revealed that it was dealing with "brain-related conditions". At that time he served as president of the JGR.


10 am.

Daniel Herrick hopes his surprise will be the time trials for Daytona 500 is just one of many highlights in his season.

Herrick climbed into the final round of qualifying for a car and ranked fifth in the spot where only four Hendrik Motorsports were.

Hemric will make his debut on his bowl in the opening season on Sunday and will use the biggest stage to present himself as a return to NASCAR's earliest stars. Herrick grew up in Cannapolis, North Carolina, in the family of the Irnhard family, and grew up, rooted for the late Dale Ernhard.

His big break came with Richard Childress Racing, Earnhardt's old team, and his car's number is a sacred hiding place that is not given to any driver. Hemric will drive Chevrolet 8, used before by the Earnhardt family patriarch, Ralph Earnhardt and later Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The Irnhardt senior was driving "Chevrolet # 3", and Childs got this number for his grandson, Austin Dillon. Dillon stands third in winning last year's Daytona 500.

"It's a great sense of pride being Kannapolis, and a sense of pride in our racing shop when the boys realize where I come from, where I came from and how I got to that point, and put it in the footsteps of everyone," Herrick said. "This is the American dream of how one can get to that level, and I'm led to carry the Canapolis banner and have a chance to build something amazing."


9 am.

Joey Logano no longer feels like a champion of the NASCAR Cup series.

Although he thinks it's cool that people call him a "champion," he says he and his team from Pensque team have to turn the page and start looking at the new season.

"It was last year," Logano said on Wednesday at Daytona International Speedway. "One of my favorite quotes by Roger Pensque is:" Do not travel to your press. "This is last year and we have to keep looking ahead because right now we have been champions in our eyes. As soon as we land here, the championship fun is over and again trying to win another one. We are at zero with everyone else. "

He finished third at Clash on Sunday and returned to the track three days later for the Daytona 500 media day.

28-year-old Logan won his first championship cup in November at Homestead-Miami Speedway, defeating Kyle Bush, Kevin Harvick and Martin Trues Jr..

Logano will try to become the first champion of the series to win the Daytona 500 by Dale Jarrett in 2000.


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