Sunday , May 16 2021

NFL Cleveland Browns Greg Joseph Mann

The mantra for every NFL player as a result of a bad play is to forget it and to continue and no position relies on this concept stronger than the kicker, the professional player is often perceived as bearable if mistakes are made.

Cripple Claypound Brauns Greg Joseph, in nine career regular season games, plays with this mentality while trying to solidify his position in the suddenly rejuvenated Brownies.

Now, when he sits on 11 of the 13 goals for the season, Joseph tells ESPN that his way of thinking was: "Keep a short memory of the next hit, jump back and go to the next one."

After arriving in September, as if from nowhere: "Who now?" was the general reaction of Joseph's signing when Zane Gonzalez got a boot after the loss of Brown's Saints by 21-18.

Joseph, currently the only South African league kicker, was born in Johannesburg where he lived while his family moved to the United States in 2001 when he was seven.

"My whole family is from South Africa, and my children will be the first generation that is not born there," he says.

"I came back once when I was 10 years old so three years after moving but I have not returned since then but I remember where I grew up, I remember the school where my grandmother worked, the football pitches I played . "

Greg Joseph finished his Florida Florida career as a lead in the history of the program. Mike Erman / Getty Images

Like many South Africans, Joseph is a great supporter of Manchester United and a massive fan of former team-backers Rio Ferdinand and Nemanca Vidic, which explains why playing back is his favorite position until the American football has called.

The former Central Team, who is still set for the RedBox's Resubb team, has put his love for football in his pocket as he has found talent for kicking at the American School of Heritage in Florida.

"They asked me to go out and try out, see if I could kick and go from there. My mother did not want to do it … but I just took the opportunity and got it started," he adds.

Fast forward to the end of his college career, Joseph graduated in Florida from the Atlantic University as a leader of all time in the field of program goals. Expecting NFL draft earlier this year, Joseph signed the Dolphins with Miami but was released from the pre-season season.

The 24-year-old continued to work on the vessels in preparation for another opportunity, which he received properly when Cleveland Brown signed it on September 17th.

His most remarkable moment came during the week at home against the rival of Baltimore Ravens. With two seconds left on the clock in extra hours, Joseph put a slightly hesitant 37-yard kick across the rectifiers to help Browns won his second season game.

Now a full-fledged NFL player, Joseph's family in America, has made him look at him personally, but one family member in South Africa is the last on his list to get to one of his games.

"My half sister," says Joseph. "She still lives there [the University of Cape Town] and lives there with her mother. It flows [the games] and trying to do it soon, so it'll be cool. This is the last family to be there.

Since Cleveland's sudden winter is rushing and the wind rushes out of Lake Erie, Joseph will face a leveling at the FirstEnergy stadium, which often rushes into the wind. Joseph says, "Just stay in. Take the kick with a kick, even a week of a week, and go from there."

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