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Officials hope to change their minds among a "delicately contagious" epidemic of measles

"It's extremely contagious," says Dr. Alan Melnik, director of the regional health department. "You can be in a room where someone with measles left two hours earlier and still gets the disease.

Clark County, just across the Columbia River from Portland, is in the midst of a measles outbreak and the Washington Governor has declared a state of emergency. At least 58 people were infected after the outbreak in January, according to state and local health officials.

"The thing that keeps me at night is death, you know the child is dying of it," Melnik said. Measles kills about 2 out of every 1,000 infected children, he said.

Kristen Chetley found that she and her 11-month-old Stall were in the doctor's office at the same time with an infected child almost three weeks ago. The steel is too young to get the measles vaccine. Now he may be infected and pose a danger to others. He stays at home under quarantine for 21 days, and his parents are anxious to check for symptoms of measles that start as bad cold before the rash develops.

Medical nurses in a medical center treat and inoculate children in the car park to reduce the risk of infection in the waiting room.

Measles were eliminated from the United States in 2000. But according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "measles travelers continue to infect the US." Measles may spread when they reach a community in the US where groups of people are unvaccinated.
In 2011, a number of travelers from France brought the virus to that country, according to the CDC. In 2014, nearly 400 people were ill during a measles epidemic among unvaccinated Amish communities in Ohio. In 2015, an infected visitor at Disneyland in California led to 147 cases of measles in the United States. There is yet another outbreak between the Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, New York, allegedly caused by an infected child arriving from Israel.
Pediatrician: How did I partner with parents who did not want to be vaccinated

The CDC argues that the outbreak in the Northwest Pacific has begun when an infected child from Ukraine came to Clark County during the holidays. According to Melnik, "we have large unvaccinated populations in Clark County."

As Cheyley said, "For the longest time, I've always said," Well, if they do not want to be vaccinated, that's not my problem. " I became a problem.

Clark County schools have some of the lowest levels of vaccination in this country. Before going to kindergarten, children should have had two doses of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. But in Clark County last year, less than 85% of kindergartens were up-to-date, well below the vaccination level, which is about 95% in order for the immunity of the flock to come into effect and protect those who are too young or incapable of being vaccinated.

The percentage of vaccination in Clark County is low in part because Washington allows parents to give up vaccination for their children not only for medical and religious reasons, but also for "philosophical" and "personal". Legislators are considering removing these provisions for the MMR vaccine.

Against the background of the outbreak of measles clinics are trying to cope with the search for vaccines

"Hundreds of thousands of people in my community have been involved in this issue and have supported this bill," Paul Harris told the State Assembly last week. He represents Clark County and sponsors legislation.

"They are concerned about our community, its immunity and the safety of the community."

Bernadette Payer, co-chair of the "Informed Choice" advocacy group, Washington, opposed to mandatory vaccination, told CNN that this law would take away our freedom and says you should take this shortcoming or your child can not go to school. That's so wrong.

Activists against vaccination protested at the State Assembly during a hearing on the draft last week.

"But this is not the majority of patients who are dropping out," says Dr. Amrita Stark, a pediatrician at Clark County. "Many of the patients who drop out are from different religious groups, they are actually more conservative, and many are in the Russian population, which is also here."

In Portland, the population of the former Soviet Union emigrants is large enough to support five Russian radio stations. "I heard some parents in Portland go to a doctor to get vaccinated, and their children get 16 shots at a time, and they think that's too much," says Edward Rousu, who runs a Russian pop station.

Measles rarely kill in the US - but when that happens, here's how

Rousu said he had an adverse reaction to the vaccine five years ago and has not vaccinated his own children aged 6 and 2 years. "If you read the small print, I'm sure somewhere there is a fatal outcome, some possible fatal consequences.

Stark noted that many people are still afraid, despite all the evidence of a link to autism.

Andre Dolbbin, director of the Clark County Slavic Christian Academy, serving the local Russian-speaking community, told a CNN KATU affiliate in Portland that he believed his school had one of the first cases of measles in the area. He said his staff did not dissuade parents from being vaccinated. However, some parents believe that vaccination actually causes the measles virus. Over the past few years, the school has not provided the state with data on vaccination. But state records show that in two other former Slavic Christian academies more than half of the students have been released from the MMR vaccine.

Kaley McClachlan-Burton, who usually works in the Clark District of Solid Waste Management, is now working online to monitor the outburst of social media outbursts and to correct what health officials think is wrong. "Like the virus is actually caused by the vaccine," she said. – Something known as "pouring." The MMR vaccine is not rejected. "

Local authorities do not want to blame a particular ethnic group for the current epidemic. Melnik said he might never know which zero is the Clark County patient. He can not say for sure that he is a child from Ukraine. But the measles strain that spreads in the northwest of the Pacific is the same strain that still goes around Ukraine, which has lost 50,000 people last year.

"The virus does not discriminate," Melnik said. "The solution to this is that we all need to be vaccinated."

He hopes that the fear of the current outbreak – and the exact information – will increase the rate of vaccination. These January rates in Clark County were three times higher than the average in five years.

"With this hearth," Rousu said, "I will definitely think I should put it on schedule soon and do it!"

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