Friday , June 18 2021

Overwatch is no longer my third place

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No one ever asks why someone has stopped playing Halo 2No answer would deserve this. The game came out in 2004 and three years later it appeared Halo 3, At some point it was outdated. One more game. Friends moved. It was something you did, and then you went and did something else.

They all asked me why they did not see me Overwatch already. This was in most weeks, between 9am. and 23 hours, a green dot would accompany the tag. It has been so for years. Overwatch was a place where friends could find me, like a café in the Friends or the pub. When I stopped appearing, I had questions. No one was worried when I stopped coming – my job required regular lines so my friends repeatedly assured I was alive. But Overwatch I was once the third place where I went when I was not at home or at work, and I was not there anymore, which meant either I had changed or the game changed.

Games are now places, not just entertainment media. So it was after the big boom of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI, scattered virtual worlds that besides being games include attractions such as dressing up beach holiday suites and talking, driving a giant bird across the desert, and shopping for gifts at the auction house. Now online shooters are also lobbied places, built-in voice chat, and fashionable skins. They're the place where you meet your friends to hobby, like your cages or golf courses or YMCA basketball. In a broader sense, they mean palaces in which players are pursuing anything that can cause any dopamine to seek out with friends. I like the sense of control for me and I play in my time Overwatch control has recently become almost impossible.

I recommend Googling "Why did I stop playing Overwatch"This is my reason," WorstPlayer wrote at the forums last September. – I stopped playing because I started watching NarutoOther players point to the arrival of newer games, damn changes to a favorite character or friends they played with. The most common answer I've seen players leave Overwatch It's "stressful." This is a six-versus-six shooter team, so winning means relying on internet strangers to be.) Competent, b.) Good communicators, c. Serious to win and y. If you are not all above, weigh the team and they will know and will tell you. Similarly, because Overwatch players are reluctant to enjoy the strategy, many of them also enjoy sharing what is wrong and blaming themselves as they see fit. In general, of course, no man has control over victory or loss.

Hundreds of hours of play Overwatch, after mastering the basics of the game, OverwatchMetagem came out: to argue who lost his team and why you are not. But victory is in team thinking as an organism. The very idea that this is one person, not six, who have won or lost the game, is (in most cases) just a seductive delusion. What over time has swallowed me from the way I swallowed everyone I played with. I wonder if we have not managed to feel that no matter how much we have tried, we can not directly control the outcome of the game. Two years after the release, we now know what the good game looks like, so if we practice aggressively strategies, what prevents us from winning?

This loss of control became more pronounced as OverwatchThe crowd control mechanism took power. Pushing, stunning, falling asleep, falling back, bouncing into the sky – after introducing heroes like Bridget, Destroyer Ball and Ash, all this can happen for one minute Overwatch game. We're going back to Overwatch just this morning I watched sleeping, dashing a platform and returning to the wall of three different heroes. There was a little experience outside the body. I could not do anything. Overwatch, after I went to third place, I became a pressure cooker and I was a core of popcorn.

The ambiguity of success and failure outside the games can be confused, and in games these things are refreshingly solid. I went Overwatch for this structure just as one can go to the local pub after a frustrating day in the office and a few hours at home to manage the bills. Even when the game changed and the new heroes entered the battle, I was enjoying the taming of the new forms of chaos. Everything feels manageable as long as I apply. At one point, the balance shifted. I can not determine exactly what it was, but in the last few months I realized that I can not get that sense of control from Overwatch already. And his search only strengthened my indignation.

Publishers no longer just miss game and missiles. Many online games require continuous investment and success, which means that if you fall, you can do some soul searching. Overwatch Eight new heroes have been introduced since then, along with some great heroic edits, countless balancing spots, a handful of seasonal events, new regimes, erudition, an infinitely increasing number of skinning skins and a multi-million dollar esports league, all aimed at retaining the palate of the players turned into a fresh franchise. Furthermore road people are playing and communicating with each other.

Overwatch generates more than $ 1 billion in revenue, partly because it's live. In third-place terms, these are the nightly curiosities, the backyard, the filament lamps, the call-handling crew, and the biker's refreshing drink menu, all aimed at making customers feel more fun at home.

Overwatch became unrecognizable to me. If you've ever been to Overwatch on the board, you know they are full of desperate calls for Blizzard to change the game in one way or another, with each player having his own ideas about what a good game looks like. In theory this is good. Overwatch remains interesting when it changes. This is good for investors. This is good for new players. It is good for esport. I have recently learned that there is a balancing act that has to be done between innovation and old age.

If games should be both places and constantly attractive goods, there will always be a risk that at some point they will become too melted to call home.

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