Sunday , June 13 2021

Passenger Court for "Skip" flight


Lufthansa has ruined the way for airlines to get cheaper rates – with a case that attracts new attention to practice. Airlines have a premium for flights without interruption, and "skippers" use this practice by booking stop flights and then skipping the last flight. The German airline sued a passenger who booked a flight to Seattle-Frankfurt-Oslo, then saved his money by skipping the last flight and taking another flight to his real destination, Berlin, CNN reported. Lufthansa seeking compensation of $ 2,385 states that the passenger has violated the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions of some airlines indicate that passengers who buy a ticket have agreed to complete their trips. Mostly, telegraph reports that there are several ways in which the strategy, also known as the "hidden city", can be reversed. If passengers miss first the entire trip is canceled – and unless they are limited to hand luggage, their luggage will go to the wrong city. The Lufthansa passenger case was rejected by a court in Berlin last year, but an airline spokesman told CNN that the company had decided to appeal. (United Airlines sues a website that takes advantage of trick in 2014, but the case was thrown out of court next year.)

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