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Play at the finals of the throne: this could mean Dany Dies in episode 6, season 8

The last Game of Thrones episode – Season 8, Episode 6 – comes to television and computers everywhere on Sunday, May 19th. The official HBO previews of the episode reveal almost nothing – Episode 6 Teaser Trailer and Photos include only the types of things you would expect after watching Episode 5, which means there is plenty of speculation to go around. (Some fans wonder if we will see Young Griff but it seems very unlikely.) Features such as Arya, Tyrion and Jon Snow appear to be hidden from everything that has happened but in the second half of the episode we have never seen how feels Danneris for things.

She came out of Episode 5 with the victory she wanted, but her actions in the royal kingdom contradicted her previous statement that she did not want to be a "queen of ashes." This move pushed many of Danny's allies, which raises the question: whether the final of the series will be the end of The Dragon Mother? We probably already know how this will happen, as you can see below.

With Daenerys Targaryen went full Mad queen in the game of thrones Season 8, Episode 5, "The Bells", the question at all is simple: who can stop Dragon Queen in the last episode of the show ever?

Will Arya kill Danny, fulfilling the final part of the predictions of Melissander's Brown Eyes, Green Eyes, Blue Eyes? (Danny must have purple eyes based on the books, but the eyes of the actress Emilia Clark are really green.) Will John kill Danny for his crimes during the fall of the royal landing and assume his legal role as a king? Or will something more surprising – a turn involving Varis and his little birds, which seems extremely likely in the light of some quiet scenes at the beginning of Episode 5?

Here's what everyone missed when we grasped the execution of Varis, the slaughter of Danny by the little men and Cleggabul (supernatural): Varis and his young spy, Martha, were actively trying to poison Danny before crossing his intrigue.

In the initial scene of the episode, Varis wrote very clearly letters explaining the true identity of John Snow, probably to send to everyone with a pair of eyeballs in Vasteros to justify John to conquer the throne. Although he's still doing this later in the episode when Gray Worm comes to him, it's unclear if he actually sent any ravens – if he did, it happened outside of the screen. My money is yes, but it does not matter yet.

When one of Varis's "little birds", Martha, walks into the room, they have a brief exchange in which Martha tells Vary that she "will not eat" ("she" is probably Danny), and Varis responds that she will "try again at dinner." Martha believes Danny's soldiers are watching her and Varis is trying to calm the little girl by reminding her that the big risks are getting big prizes. At the end of the stage, Varis sends Marta back to the kitchen where she obviously works.

The higher the risk, the higher the reward. What is the greater risk of trying to poison the Queen of Targarin?

This is very similar to Varisse's move; The Master of the Whispers always plans and frankly, his arc this season has felt unusually dull. His plan was to turn directly to John and Tyrion, and if they did not, would he just die? This is not the Spider we knew. But openly opposes the Queen – classic, if it is risky, wrong – while he secretly plotting to poison her from the shadows? Now this is more appropriate.

But that's not all – there is another scene that hints at a poisonous plot, and it can even give us an idea of ​​how Danny will get to the final.

No inscription provided

When Varis hears Gray the Worm and the Unconscious who walk down the corridor to his room, he burns the letter he writes and removes his rings. The camera stays in an extreme picture when it turns briefly, pulls it and puts it in the empty glass on its desk. The others are coming soon.

This may not be anything, or everything can be all: When Olenna Tirel poisoned Joffrey at her wedding, she took the venom from the Sansa's necklace – the so-called "soul-sucker" that was given to him by the fool Donotus of Malteifunger. and thrown the false crystal into Joffrey's glass, where he probably broke open and became undetectable.

No inscription provided

The approaching of Varis's rings and the illumination of the image do not reveal any blue crystals. In fact, the ring we get the best seems to have been the loyalty of Varis to Targarien's queen – it seems that this ring of the official partnership of jewelry dealers Mei with the show. The merchant calls it a "ring of loyalty," and their site claims that Varis, Tyrion, Jora, and the Gray Worm have been wearing a Season 7. It's designed to look like a dragon's back. By removing it, Varis symbolically rejects the symbol of his loyalty to Dannery.

But Varis is still faithful to John, who now knows that he is also Targarien. Although we did not see the obvious blue crystal poison while Varis was dropping all his rings, the show seemed to focus on removing them just so long that it could be important in the final. This maidservant, Martha, may still be around, and her master's death at Danny's hands could inspire her to keep trying to fulfill her final desire: to see the dead queen of the Dragon, whatever the method.

Only in case I will observe any sign of Martha in the final of the 8th season of the Throne Game.

Photo: HBO / Helen Sloan

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