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Players say they are excited by Matt Nagi, Chuck Pagano

ORLANDO, Florida – Eric Fischer's main team was there when the career of coach Matt Nagy began, as Fisher said, to "climb the ladder."

That was 2013. The boss chose Fischer with the overall selection of No. 1 and Nagy was in his first season as a NFL coach following Coach Andy Reed of the Eagles.

& # 39;[The Bears] – said Fisher this week at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Disney World. "You have to be very excited about a bright future in Chicago."

The managers, of course, are excited by their own futures behind quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who threw 50 touchdowns in only for his second season. But Fisher was not the Pro Bowl's only boss player who had positive things to say about Nagy and the Bears.

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill believes that the bears have a great coach at Matt Nagy. | Doug Benc / Associated Press

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill believes that the bears have a great coach at Matt Nagy. | Doug Benc / Associated Press

Colt Andrew Lak's credit card is also in the bear team after Chuck Pagano, Colt's coach from 2012 to 2017, was hired to replace Vic Fangio as their defending coordinator.

"Oh, Chuck is the man," said Luk. I love it. He helped me become as much a player as a man. He loves football. It will cause men to grow and he expects them to challenge him back. He's a great coach. He knows his things. The bear is lucky to have it.

Anthony Sherman's chief defender shared similar thoughts about Nagy. Eighty-year veteran in his first Pro Bowl, Sherman joined the bosses in the same season as Nagy and Fisher.

"He's a great man, great father, great spouse, great leader," Sherman said. "His mind for football is quite special."

The recipient of the Tyreek Hill was drawn up by the bosses in 2016. It was Nagy's first season as co-ordinator of the offensive of the superiors, and Hill instantly became a star who interrupted the game.

"I feel that Nagy is a huge leader," says Hill, who is in his third Pro Bowl. An He is the chief coach of the offensive. The bear has a great coach, in my opinion.

The beliefs of the Nagy boss players are rooted in their own coach – they have someone who has studied with Andy Reed, "Fisher said," but also to see Nagy at work. As the Bears have learned this season, football will always be fun under Nagy.

"You never know what these great minds will do," Sherman said. "It's just fun to be a part of, go out every day and see what plays they've done."

But that's more than that. This is Nagi's infectious work ethic.

"He'll put all the time to make them successful," Sherman said.

Nagi's natural ability is to challenge and connect with players. As the Bears have learned through "Club Dub" and more, he is the coach you want to play for. This is an excitement that bosses know well.

"Today, if anything is needed, I know I can call him something," Sherman said. And I know he will be there. He's just a great guy.

It is also the work of Nagy with neighborhoods. Mitch Truubiski develops and improves with Nagy. The boss saw the same with Alex Smith and Mahomes.

& # 39;[Nagy] simply knows the world of quaterbecue, "said Fisher, who is in his first Pro Bowl. Alex Alex To have Alex for these five years and be able to be with Pat [a season] It was pretty cool.

Bears will always be compared to the bosses for Nagi and their selection of Trubisky to Mahomes. But Nagy's praise, plus Lux for Pagano, still bears weight.

It is good to be excited about the Bears. Other NFL players are.

& # 39;[Nagy’s] I'll do pretty good things for them there in Chicago, "Sherman said.

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