Sunday , September 25 2022

Police officers were in critical condition from shooting at Mercy Hospital in Chicago


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By Doha Madani

A Chicago police officer was in critical condition from the shooting of a local hospital on Monday afternoon.

Anthony Guglielmi, chief communications officer for the Chicago Police Department, said on Twitter that officers were seriously injured after reports of active shooters at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center.

A witness, James Gray, told NBC WMAQ station in Chicago that he saw at least one woman being shot near the hospital.

Gray said he saw a man and a woman talking to each other before the man pulled a gun and shot the woman and then started shooting at other people in the hospital.

"Once he entered, he just started shooting randomly," Gray said. "It seems like he's spinning and pointing at random people."

At least one suspect was also shot and police were conducting a methodical search at the hospital, Guglielmi tweeted earlier, as authorities warned the public to avoid the area.

A source at the Chicago Fire Department told WMAQ that the hospital had been partially evacuated.

Mercy Hospital is about 26 blocks south of the Chicago Loop.

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