Monday , July 26 2021

Qualcomm pushed for an anti-Apple campaign with the same research firm used by Facebook, according to reports

The New York Times yesterday published a scathing report about Facebook, highlighting things such as the company's poor response to abuse of Russian platforms, Mark Zuckerberg's insults to Tim Cook, and more. One charge in the article is that Facebook has worked with a public affairs company, Definers Public Affairs, to spread negative information about competitors.

Now, Business Insider reported that Qualcomm might use the same company, with Apple on the receiving side.

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Initials New York time reports said that Definit's work on Apple was funded by a "third technology company," not Facebook itself. This is what the report says:

"Mr. Miller acknowledged that Facebook and Apple did not compete directly. The work of the Definers at Apple was funded by a third technology company, he said, but Facebook had pushed back against Apple because Mr. Cook's criticism was disturbing Facebook.

If privacy issues arise, Facebook is happy to & # 39; muddy water, & # 39; Mr Miller said for drinks in Oakland, California, bar last month. "

Business Insider shows, however, that Qualcomm is the third company. Qualcomm and Apple are currently in the midst of a messy legal battle, with Apple dropping Qualcomm as a supplier for the modems used in the latest iPhone models.

In his report, Business Insider's Kif Leswing said that he was approached by the head of the West Coast Definers, Tim Miller, about a story that might be related to Apple's fine "which led to a related legal action" between that and Qualcomm. Leswing said that Miller approached other reports on Business Insider about Qualcomm and the Apple story, too.

Besides Business Insider reports, NBC News reported today that Qualcomm is a Definers client, according to a former employee of the company. The report explains that NTK Networks, a website run by the Definers, is currently promoting a story entitled about conservative reactions to legal cases between Apple and Qualcomm:

NTK is currently running an advertisement to promote the news published on Tuesday entitled "Conservatives Explode Decision of ITC Judges at Apple," which refers to a patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm. The former employee claims Qualcomm has a relationship with the Definers.

The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm has become increasingly messy lately. Qualcomm recently accused Apple of stealing the source code and giving it to Intel. In addition, while an out-of-court settlement seems possible, Apple is now said to be preparing for a long court battle instead.

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