Thursday , June 24 2021

Resident Evil 2 is not the remake you see as such

Mostly, Resident Evil 2 The HD remake captures much of the magic of the original, and the writing machine can save Leo's remarkable hairstyle. But there are three design changes that ultimately make it a very different game.

First, the fixed camera angles have disappeared. Like most early horror games, Resident Evil 2 framing her photos with a cinematic flair. When the player reaches a certain point, the prospect changes, showing them something new and usually terrible.

Fixed chambers define the horror style for these games because one scene can be perfectly placed. In essence, these are just jumps scaring, but they can happen every time the POV camera changes, which is common. The tension comes from the need to master your fear to continue exploring, and that was almost constant pressure.

The original game also uses tank controls that are based on the direction of movement of the POV of the hero and not the player. In modern third-person games, the player sees the hero's shoulder so he's always ahead. With tank controls, the direction in which the person is directed is forward. So the use of the joystick does not move the camera – it only moves the symbol.

The combination of fixed angles and tank control meant that maneuvering was not just hard, it was an essential skill to play. The remake does not use any stage scams. The player controls the camera and usually sees what's coming.

The compromise is: there is no automatic target default. The original games included an auto-goal in the normal difficulty because, in fact, it had to. It was just moving hard enough; the pursuit would be a mechanical nightmare. So the fight has become a cat and mouse game to find out when to stand on the ground and when to break and run.

In the new Resident Evil 2the normal mode is manual by default. There is still an option for automatic targeting, but inclusion takes a major part of the challenge. While the original game focuses on the research and combat-or-flight strategy, this version is well targeted without panic and loss of ammo. Basically, it's a shooter.

As a result, the tension is not as stubborn as in the original – these are bold spikes of adrenaline and panic. This, more than anything, makes him feel like his own, a separate entry into the Resident Evil franchise.

See the video above for more information on what's new Resident Evil 2 brings on a floor a franchise of the horrors of survival.

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