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Resident Evil 2 Remake Red Book and Art Room Statue Guide – How to Get Magnum and MQ11

There is only one sure way to make sure Permanent Remake of Evil 2 zombies go down for good: shoot – lots. Your starter pistol is good and good, but both Leon and Claire have access to another, more powerful pistol. this is how solve the statue puzzle of the room p Red Book and claim that Magnum of Leon and Claire's MQ11 SMG.

This puzzle begins when you first enter the library on the west side of the building but can not be completed shortly after in the series of events. But it is worth doing. Claire's SMG is a particularly powerful weapon to have.

This guide is for your first review of Resident Evil 2 Remake – during the second presentation of the story, you will meet the box much earlier during your trip – for example, Leon finds him in the 2F male wardrobe.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Red Book

When you first enter the library in the western part of the police station, you will be on the third floor. Trying to get to the door on the other side will trigger a movie where you will fall through the wooden balcony, so once that's over, deal with the zombies and return to the main hall through the locked door.

On the right, as you approach the door, you will see Red Book on the table on the right.

Take it and keep it in your inventory.

After the scene with Marvin, he will tell you to climb the second floor, on the east side, through the waiting room through another shovel door.

The other side of this locked door is Art Room, where you'll find a map with weapons lock keys – which allows you to enter the cache of the pistol at the back of the safe – and a royal statue.

Art Room Statue

In fact, he has a clue what to do here in the movie roll you're going out of the locker in the safe.

To solve the puzzle, remove the statue's hand from the table to the right of the room and combine it with the red book.

Now use the "Left Hand with a Book" on the statue. That's what the scepter gives you.

Investigating the scepter in your inventory will give you the Red Jewel.

Now you can put this Red jewel in your retention box for a while – later will be useful.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Red Jewel

Continue through the game until you find three medallions that have gone through the goddess statue and the secret room below. Eventually you will reach the Head Office area.

Once you've done it here and you have access to the area with Interrogation room and observation room, go down.

This time is slightly different for Leon and Claire. With Leon, you have to use the handle to get to the chief's office, climb the stairs to the balcony and get down the ladder to the roof. From the roof, go down the stairs to the north and get to the cauldron. From there, go to the typewriter room and take the Club Key from the board. This instantly turns Leon into a "Surveillance Room." Clare, on the other hand, has a heart key for the "interrogation room" he receives from the special gathering room.

With Claire, go to the interrogation room and search for anything until something happens. Once this happens, change your pants and jump into the observation room.

Either way, once you're there, get "Jewelry boxAt the back like Claire or on the desk like Leon. Then combine your red jewel with the box.

That gives you that Badge S.T.A.R.S,

Permanent Zloty 2 Remake STAR Sign

Now you have the S.T.A.R.S badge, check it in your inventory, plug it in and click to change it with the USB Dongle Key.

Then, after restoring your access to the rest of the police station, go to the S.T.A.

In the office, use the PC Tower USB switch and then interact with the computer screen. This opens the cabinet for the weapons behind it, allowing you to enjoy the interior.

You get a brand new weapon to help you, including a full bullet clip; Magnum for Leon and SMG for Claire.

Do not forget to re-interact with the PC Tower to return the USB Dongle, You can use it in the underground staircase by going directly to the police station in the workroom in the sewer. This makes you upgraded to your weapon.

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