Friday , June 18 2021

Ryan Adams hung in success. Women say they pay a price.

The laws on explicit digital communication with minors vary from country to country and are separate from age-of-consent laws that include physical contact. In Ohio, where Ava lived, it is a crime to seek, exchange or possess some material that shows that a person under 18 years of age has been involved in sexual activity. New York, where Adams was in some of these exchanges, has similar laws for children under 17, and federal laws use 18 as adulthood.

Several legal experts claim that the prosecution of such cases may involve disputes over jurisdiction and whether adults reasonably believe that the minor has reached the age of majority, taking into account the context of their conversations.

Ava said that when her communication with Adams continued, she worried about their unequal dynamics. Once, she said, the two agreed to a video chat, but when they contacted Skype, Adams was already naked. "That was just a sexual force," Ava said.

As their connection diminished, Adams returned to the opportunity to record together. But for Ava, the idea that she will be objectively or will have to sleep with people to advance, "I just ignored the whole idea," that she was a musician, she said. She has never played another concert.

The musical world in which the culture of late nights and border behavior normalizes has not been subjected to the #MeToo movement as other media and entertainment sectors. But many in business say harassment and unfair attitude to women are all pervasive and that "sex, drugs and rock-n-roll" ethos has masked people not to be held accountable.

In an industry where musicians are often the most trusted guards, Adams is more than just a singer. His Pax-Am label was linked to the Capitol Music Group, a major conglomerate, and an open slot on one of his sold out tours could introduce fans and business partners to a new artist. For more than a decade, until last year, Adams was ruled by John Silva, who worked with Nirvana, Beck and St. James. Vincent. (Silva and Capitol, which is scheduled to release three albums by Adams this year, rejected the request for comment.)

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