Thursday , June 17 2021

Samsung already offers Galaxy S10 bookings

Samsung still does not pour all the grains, but the imagination does not remain much. There must be three versions available on the market: standard S10, lower price (I think the iPhone XR) S10e and S10 Plus. There is also a special 5G version, although it may not be ready at the same time. All of them are ready to use the Snapdragon 855 (or its Exynos colleague in some markets), display with holes, built-in fingerprint readers, and WiFi 6. At least some models will have several cameras for feedback and will reverse the charge. even talking about a limited edition with ceramic back, 12GB RAM and 1TB for storage.

There is good reason for the campaign. Like other handset makers, sales are hit by severe economic conditions and a tightly saturated market that is not in a hurry to get upgraded. It needs S10 to be a big hit, and bookings can help lock down some early sales.

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