Tuesday , July 27 2021

Samsung puts the iFixit screws that remove it

Galaxy Fold's delay is an awkward mess for Samsung, and now the company gets worse by focusing on the media. Samsung press iFixit to remove the Galaxy Fold cancellation.

The withdrawal of the galaxy was not just a normal destruction. Once the phone has been slowed down due to endurance problems detected by the first reviewers, iFixit uses the split to pinpoint a few flaws in its design.

When we recorded the demise of iFixit, we were wondering where the site had managed to get a device that was never for sale, and that all of its review units were recalled. Obviously, the dubious origin of Galaxy Fold on iFixit (and the worry that the site makes holes in the design of your $ 2000 smartphone) is enough to make Samsung avenge.

iFixit writes:

Our Galaxy Fold Unit has provided us with a trusted partner. Samsung has requested through this partner iFixit to remove the revocation. We are not required to remove our analysis, legally or otherwise. But out of respect for this partner, whom we consider to be an ally that makes the devices more reshapable, we choose to withdraw our history until we can buy Galaxy Fold at retail.

Obviously, Samsung went after one of the iFixit providers and that was enough to make iFixit protect its partner by downloading the article.

This is not the first time Samsung is attacking some of the media that makes it bad. During the filing of Note 7's explosive battery, the company issued a dubious DMCA claim against a YouTube video that showed Grand Theft Auto V mod that added the Note 7 smartphone as an explosive weapon.

Samsung is clearly not aware of the "Streisand Effect" in which the attempt to censor some content only attracts more attention to it. The Internet never forgets and iFixit's Galaxy Fold Teardown can still be seen at archive.org.

Announce an image from iFixit

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