Sunday , June 20 2021

Screen protector is terrible to this leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


  • A new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus video shows the device with an attached screen protector.
  • The screen protector has a hole in which the fingerprint sensor lives.
  • We hope this design will not be normal when buying a screen protector on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

We are now just a week away from the Samsung Galaxy S10 official launch. After seven days we will finally know everything we need to know about the upcoming superphone. Until then, we checked out the leakage attack.

A new leak is a bit worrying about us: a YouTube video showing a guy holding something that looks like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. While video is usually something that needs to be excited, the video actually leaves us a little worried.

You can see the video below, but the main point is the following: the screen protector covering the front of the device has two slots. The first surrounds the self-contained camera with two lenses (which can be expected), but a large one at the bottom surrounds the fingerprint sensor and is just terrible.

Look at this:

The first thing that came up in our heads when watching the video is the inconvenience of using navigation gestures with that slit there. Your finger will run smoothly on the display until it strikes the hole, which will be an unpleasant experience, at least.

Then we began to think about the dust, the skin scales, the dirt, and the general dirt that would get stuck in the defenders' ridges around this hole. That made us vomit a little.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that uses sound waves instead of light waves to read your fingerprint. This technology is supposed to be much faster and more efficient than the optical scanners found in current smartphones such as OnePlus 6T. We are not sure, but this new technology may not work with some security screens.

We can only hope that the screen protector of this device is something special about the event that happens in the video. Maybe Samsung put extremely thick fuses on all devices to give them the best protection from drops? Or maybe the defender is there, so none of the participants can get a clear, naked shot of what the phone really looks like? Whatever the case, we can only hope that this does not mean that the screen protectors for the device will have to have such a cutting function as to function properly.

To note, before we learned that an accessories manufacturer would not make a protective case for the Galaxy S10 due to this very problem. Sweat?

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