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Shevchenko is doing excavations in the Igua'an after Chelsea's transfer

Date of publication: Friday 25 January 2019 11:04

Former Chelsea striker Andrei Shevchenko has firmly attached his colors to the mast after digging Gonzalo Iguaine.

Argentina's frontman on Wednesday night ended his loan in Stamford Bridge from Milan, with Alvaro Morata expected to go to Atletico Madrid.

Maurizio Sarri's men have the opportunity to buy the Iguaine for 36 million euros (31.3 million pounds) or extended the loan for another season in the summer and Shevchenko, who played for both clubs, discussed the decision of Iguayin to leave Milan for London.

Shevchenko said about Il Giornale: "Milan can reach the Champions League without him. But with the Argentine it would have been easier.

– Patek or Igwain? This does not change much. They are two great finishers. Iguaine helps the team more, but both are able to score many goals. One has more physical strength and the other one is bigger. Iguayin has written many pages in the history of football, Piatec is a promising footballer who has already shown what he is capable of doing.

"I do not know the cause of the crisis between Iguaine and Chelsea. Everyone has peaks and falls, but I do not know what happened. Both he and Bonucci have left Milan, the only thing I know is that the wearing of an "Milan" shirt has always been honorable and should always be considered honor. "

Iguaine, 31, scored eight goals in 22 matches for Milan this season, but it was best to work under Sarrie in Naples in 2015-16.

Real Madrid's former star equalized the A Series record for the most 36 goals in the season with 36 during this campaign and cites the importance of Sarrie's leadership in Naples before joining Juve for £ 75m.

Now, however, the pair is gathering in West London, and Sarrie hopes Iguaine will become a deadly central striker Chelsea misses after Diego Costa leaves.

And Iguaine insists that his relationship with Sarry, who understands the "emotional side" of his game, gives him confidence that he can handle the pitch in English football.

"Maurizio Sarrie is the coach who has won my best career as a player," said Iguaine on Chelsea's official site after signing it.

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