Friday , January 22 2021

Snow pounds Mid west as a region brackets for the coldest temperatures in decades

The snowstorm struck in the middle of the West as the Midwest and the Northeast Bracket for brutal low temperatures this week.

The midwest can see its coldest air since the mid-1990s early Wednesday.

In Minnesota, wind chills may be minus 35 degrees Monday evening and minus 65 degrees Tuesday through Thursday morning, warned the National Meteorological Service.

After this winter storm, extremely dangerous cold weather headed to the Midwest and the Northeast.

Several daily record levels are expected to be discontinued in the Midwest on Wednesday morning, where temperatures may be the lowest for more than 20 years.

Winds worsen Wednesday to minus 51 in Minneapolis, minus 47 degrees in Chicago, minus 32 in Detroit and minus 43 in De Moine.

This cold air is likely to spread to the Gulf Coast and the East Coast, where wind chill in Atlanta can reach 16 degrees, and the wind in New York can only be 1 degree.

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