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"Social media have become sewers"

Sarah Ferguson
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York Duchess Sarah Ferguson has had enough harassment that Kate Middleton and Megan Markl have endured – and she's pretty clear about it by referring to social media as "sewer".

Ferguson knows very well the effects of this harassment

Unfortunately, Duchess York is well aware of the tabloids, as it has been the subject of many articles over the years. Most of all, the media tried to get a feud between Ferguson and Princess Diana.

Sarah Ferguson wants harassment to stop

IN letter she writes about Hello! Magazine Ferguson turned to the social media while discussing the attitude towards Kate Middleton and Megan Mark. Often Middlelton and Markle are at the end of hateful trolls and online abuse.

In his letter, Ferguson writes: "It is time to confront the fact that much of the social media has become a sewer … Look at every website and you will see unusually offensive comments aimed not only at people in the public eye. but also other Internet users. "

She continued: "Harassment, sniper, even the most
terrible sexism, racism and homophobia are common – it seems that online,
everything goes. "

Ferguson's words are real about creating false rivalries

Duchess York touched her relationship with the late Princess Diana as she said in the letter: "Women, in particular, are constantly confronted and compared to each other in a way that reminds me how people try to represent Diana and all the time rivals, which is something that none of us has ever felt. "

While Ferguson did not mention the Duchess Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, King Assad, Lloyd Webber, told GMA: "It is absolutely about Megan and Kate's treatment. Surely there are parallels between the relationship between Kate and Megan and Diana and Fergie.

Besides, Emily Nash, Hello! the magazine
correspondent, told GMA: "It is safe to say that when the Duchess of York
and the Princess of Wales was around, social media did not exist and that was it
is always played in the newspapers. "

Nash is still engaged in trolls in the social media, explaining:
"Today we see something very similar online with their fans
facing each other. "

Kensington Palace has entered to eliminate hatred

Though it is impossible to stop trolls from spreading hatred, Kensington Palace's assistants are engaged in moderating social media publications and erasing any violent, sexist and / or racist comments intended for Mark and Middleton.

Besides, Nash noted that many of the comments were "a lot
petty, including "a lot of shame on the body and criticizing how they walk, how they do
see – and many of it comes from women. Megan is a newcomer, so there is
much more attentive to her.

She added, "I feel it has been unloaded
now and can not continue like this.

Ferguson's letter supports #HellotoKindness

Ferguson's letter is the last effort to support Hello!
the # HellotoKindness campaign of the magazine, which seeks to "support positivity
Those who want to post a comment online should ask these questions
questions first: "Is he nice? Are you OK? Would you say it in real life?

Ferguson said, "Let everyone
try to think before we post. Let's all try to relate a little more
gently. Before you start a dispute online, take a deep breath and try
respect the position of someone else. Where do we see others behaving unacceptably,
let's call it. This is an old motto, but good: if you can not say
nothing good, do not say anything at all. "

In the letter, Ferguson notes: "I believe it is time for this
stay. It is not about freedom of speech. The truth is that it is not acceptable
all the time to marry one another. Not acceptable for trolls
other people maliciously online. "

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