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South Florida's YNW Reporter, Melanie, is accused of killing 2 close friends

MIRAMAR, Fla. – The South Florida rapper was arrested Wednesday after Miramar police said he had killed two of his close friends, who were also ambitious rappers.

Police reported that 19-year-old James Demon, whose surname is YNW Melly, shot and killed Anthony "YNW Juvy" Williams, 21, and Christopher "YNW Sackchaser" Thomas Jr., 19.

The police also said that the demons of Vero Beach, and another man, Corton Henry, organized the scene to make it appear that the assault was driving.

The biggest hit of YouTube demons is the song Murder of My Mind.

The police did not reveal where the men were killed, but they were last seen in Fort Lauderdale.

Henry took Williams and Thomas to the Miramar Memorial Hospital around 4 o'clock on October 26, 2018. Henry told the police that he had been involved in car racing. Later, Williams and Thomas died in the hospital.

Demons published the accusations at Instagram on Wednesday before surrendering to the police.

I want you to know that I love and appreciate each of you. A few months ago I lost my two brothers in violence and now the system wants to find justice. , there are many rumors and lies, but do not worry, God is with me, "Demon said.

Demons and victims have long been friends and, after their death, the Demons have posted in the social media, mourning them.

"They took my brothers out of me for jealousy, I know you watch me, and when they want to see me, I get kicked or I stop either in jail or box …" The demons write on Twitter after the shooting.

Demon lawyer Bradford Cohen also spoke to South Florida "San Sentinel" about the murders.

"He's sad, obviously upset," Cohen told a newspaper in October. "These were his best friends.

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