Thursday , June 24 2021

SpaceX explodes the Starship's heat shield with industrial flares


The SpaceX spacecraft space before falling into a wind storm.


SpaceX and Elon Musk have great ambitions to send Star ship around the moon and eventually to Mars. The attractive stainless steel spacecraft now under development will use a metal heat shield and this heat shield is already undergoing a serious stress test.

Musk publishes a video about Twitter at night, showing a dramatic and very strong test of baking and temperature sharing: 1100 Celsius (2000 Fahrenheit).

In an interview with Popular Mechanics, Musk describes the Starship's unusual thermal shield as "like a stainless steel sandwich" with fuel or water flowing between the layers. The upper layer has small perforations that release the liquid from the outside to help cool the spacecraft.

If you see a Musk and a flamethrower mentioned somewhere close to each other, this will bring thoughts about The fire saga of the company's flamethrower,

A Twitter user asked if SpaceX had borrowed some flamethrowers for the test. "These are industrial forces," Musk replied, "Not recommended for home use!"

SpaceX built a Starship prototype for take-off and landing tests, but this week was interrupted when a strong wind in Texas blew the nasal cone, Musk says it will take several weeks to repair. At least we know the design of the heat shield seems to stick to punishment.

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