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Suspect is accused of murder in friendly NYPD fire death

The robbery robber with long reports and habit of strange cascades was charged with murdering the death of a New York police detective struck by a friendly fire while he was coerced on Tuesday night.

Detective Brian Simonsen died after being hit once in a cross-fire chest, as he and six other employees shot 42 shots in suspect Christopher Rensham, who headed for the entrance to the Queens store and mimicked the trigger of a fake gun.

"You have to understand, this is happening in seconds," said Terens Monahan, head of department. – It goes from 0 to 60. You are investigating a possible crime and suddenly someone blames you by pointing to what you consider a firearm that simulates a shot at you.

The head of Simonson, sergeant. Matthew Gorman and Ransom were also injured. Gorman was hit on his leg. The degree of Ransom's injuries is unclear. Both are in a steady state.

27-year-old Ransom is also accused of robbery, assault, aggravated murder and threats. It was not clear whether there was a lawyer to comment on his name. A telephone number listed for Ransom in Brooklyn had a busy signal on Wednesday night.

Ransom has been arrested at least 11 times since 2012, shows records, and was wanted by the police in connection with a 19 January robbery in another mobile phone store. After an arrest, the court documents show that Rensham was taken to a psychiatric ward.

In social media, Ransom forms a comedian and joker in the spirit of Sasha Baron Cohen from the fame of Borat, filling pages on Facebook and YouTube with videos for himself masquerading as a Speedo-dressed superhero.

Sometimes the two people are blurred.

Ransam pleaded guilty to a criminal offense and was sentenced to 20 days in prison in 2016 after claiming to have climbed the gate and boarding a Brooklyn police station while wearing a fake vest and a badge . The police recorded his nickname as a "detective".

Four years earlier he was found guilty and sentenced to prison for being a trainee in order to gain access to court chambers.

Meanwhile, in social media, he publishes videos of himself in his superhero, stopping on the subway train, jumping on the slopes and raising his hand. In another, titled "Vigilante offers NYPD services," he appears in the police station in the team.

Ransam sued the city for arrest in 2015, accusing employees of approaching him on the corner of the street without a reason, crushing him in the corner of a store of drawn weapons, and taking him to a psychiatric ward against his will. Later his accusations were rejected and he withdrew the case in 2016.

42-year-old Simonson grew up in East Long Island, and he and his wife continue to live nearby – more than an hour from the 102nd district where the 19-year-old New York career has worked.

Simonson had to go on Tuesday for a trade union meeting, but he decided to work to keep track of a series of recent robberies.

Since childhood, he has been known as "Smiles" for his bright, welcoming personality. At Riverhead's high school, he played football and baseball, and was a friend of all, with whom he met, childhood friend Melissa Weir.

"Everyone is in full shock, everyone feels that," said Weir. "When you have someone like Brian, it really hits everyone, there are people everywhere hurt."

Simpson, Gorman and six uniformed officers rushed to T-Mobile's shop around 6:10 pm On Tuesday after someone out 911 was crying out in the open, he said he saw a man take two people in the back room of a gun, Monahan.

Simonson and Gorman, both of whom were civilians, worked on another occasion when the call arrived and arrived at the same time as patrol officers, Monahan said.

The shooting started when Gorman and two of the uniformed officers withdrew from the store when Ransem left the back room and came to them, said Monahan. The shots blown the doors of the store and bathed with glass.

Simonson stayed out while Gorman and the uniformed officers came in, said Monahan. Simonson released two shots. Gorman shoots 11 times. It is not clear who shot them, said Monahan.


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