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The 20-year-old dead after the Northeast Explosion levels of Sullivan local

SULLIVAN – A man died and a woman was injured in a house explosion that happened on Friday night to the northeast of Sullivan, along the 1700N county road west of Jonathan Creek.

The Illinois Fire Brigade Office is investigating.


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The force of the explosion directed his home to the northeast of Sullivan, spreading debris through the yard and the neighboring farm.

Moultrie County Coroner Lynn Reed said 20-year-old Jared L. Shrock, who lived in his home with his family, was declared dead at the scene at 12:10 pm Saturday. Preliminary indications that the cause of death is a dull explosion trauma, but smoke inhalation is probably a factor, Reed said.


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The State Fire Brigade Marshal Office in Illinois is investigating the explosion that occurred in the 1700N County on Friday night. This will make the final decision on what caused the blast.

Sullivan Fire Department chief Mike Piper said on Saturday morning that the department had received a call at 21:52 Friday to 1416 County Road 1700N in Moultrie County for an explosion of a house and two people reported missing.

"It was full of flames, and it was obvious that there was a great explosion," Piper said.


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The debris from the explosion that destroyed the home of the Multri County were thrown out of the road by the force of the blast.

Soon after the firefighters arrived at the scene, they saved a woman from the structure. Then they restored Shrock's body. The inhabitants were amish.

Authorities are not sure what the cause of the explosion is, but they suspect it may be propane. The State Fire Marshal Service is investigating and making the final decision, Piper said.


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The 1416 County Road 1700N residence was subjected to an explosion on Friday night, leaving a man dead and injured.

Sullivan's firemen were assisted by Arthur, Bethany and Lovington, and the Charleston-based technical rescue team. Emergency staff cleared their place at 4 am.

The fire did not spread to other structures near the house. The explosion leveled the house, spreading debris across the yard, spreading some debris through the road in the adjoining field of the farm.


Sullivan House Explosion

Officials work at a blast site Saturday morning in their home northeast of Sullivan, along County Road 1700N west of Jonathan Creek Road.


Sullivan house explosion debris

The debris is shown at the site of an Northeast explosion from Sullivan on Saturday morning. One man has died as a result of the incident. Authorities are investigating.

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