Monday , June 21 2021

The baby is removed from the mother's womb for treatment, transferred back

The procedure is performed after the baby is found with spina bifida.

And a mother has to undergo an innovative operation where her unborn baby has been removed from her uterus for medical intervention and then transferred back.

The procedure is carried out after the baby is found with spina bifida, a generic defect where there is incomplete closure of the spine and membranes around the spinal cord. Spina bifida may affect the child's ability to walk and other functions.

The couple, 26-year-old Beton and her husband Kieron, were given the opportunity to stop pregnancy after a routine 20-week scan.

But they decided to go for a medical procedure that is only held in Belgium by a team of Belgian and British surgeons in London.

The mother and baby went through amniotic fluid tests, MRI and other scans to prepare for surgery.

About 24 weeks ago, surgeons removed the baby from the womb and repaired their spinal cord. After the procedure, the baby was transferred back to the womb.

The baby must be delivered in April this year.

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