Monday , June 21 2021

The boxes are changed to Fortnite Save The World

Image: Epic Games

In Lauta in Fortnite Save the World are changing and become less random. Loot Llamas currently works like most other prey boxes: Players buy them and then open the lamas to figure out what random items they have received. Epic Games announced that the upcoming update will soon change this process.

In the update, V-Buck Llamas become X-rays. Before purchasing these new X-rays, players will be able to see exactly what they will get. If players do not like anything in the lama, they can wait until the next day when the content in their lama will change.

This change will also show the players if the lama will refresh, which happens at random and improves the loot on the inside.

Epic also takes steps to make sure that the content of these X-rays is not full of duplicate items. For example, if the Lady's Loot planned to give you a rare rifle, the game will try to give you a rare rifle that you no longer have in the collection book or inventory of the charts.

Other lamas in Save the worldsuch as Mini Llamas and Event Llamas will not be changed to X-Ray Llamas. These changes in the prey box occur only in Save the world. Lamy in Fortnite Battle Royale will continue to work the way they do right now without any changes.

Boxes have become a controversial element in the gaming industry, with many fans and even lawmakers who are rejecting the practice.

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