The First Lady Melanie Trump spoke at the Toys for Tots event at the Joint Base nacostia-Bolling in Washington, DC, on December 11, 2018 – (Photo: Nicholas Camm, AFP / Getty Images)

The London Daily Telegraph apologized to the first lady Melanie Trump on Saturday and said she had agreed to pay "significant damages" for publishing false claims about her family and modeling career.

This was at least the third time that the first lady successfully sued publications or online blogs about defamatory articles.

"We apologize to the First Lady and her family for the shame caused by our publication of these statements" a newspaper wrote on Saturday. "As a sign of our regret, we agreed to pay Ms Trump considerable damages as well as her legal costs."

The statements appeared last week in a cover in the magazine entitled "The Treasure of Melania".

The conservative British newspaper said the article should not claim Melanie Trump had fought his career before meeting Donald Trump or even made a career advance because of his help.

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"We assume Mrs. Trump is a successful professional model before meeting her husband and getting her own modeling job without his help," the Telegraph said.

The newspaper also said she did not leave her design and architecture course at her university for something to end the exam, as the article says, "but rather because she wanted to pursue a successful career as a professional model."

The apology also points out that the future first lady met with Trump in 1998 and not in 1996 as she was published, and also mistakenly claims that her mother, father and sister, moved to New York in 2005 to live in buildings owned by Trump. "They are not," the newspaper said.

The telegraph has also cleared several additional points:

• "Mrs. Trump's father was not a terrible presence and did not control the family."

• "The allegation that Mrs. Trump called on the election night is also untrue."

In 2017, Melanie Trump's lawyer said he arranged a defamation case for a "significant sum" against a blogger from Maryland who wrote that she had once worked as an escort. The blogger, Webster Tarpley, also issued a statement stating that his article was "full of false and defamatory statements about her," Variety reported.

That same year, Daily Mail and Mail Online agreed to pay substantial damages estimated at $ 3 million to settle a defamation claim.

A declaration agreed by both parties stated that the article for the newspaper and its online postal mail includes "false and defamatory allegations of [Mrs Trump] who questioned the nature of her work as a professional model and reissued allegations that she had provided services beyond simple modeling, "according to The Guardian.

The post also publishes an excuse to the first lady, "for any suffering our audience has caused to her."

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