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The case of measles is confirmed in Berkeley – BerkeleySide

Berkeley Bowl Oregon Facade of the street and parking
An adult infected with measles has visited Berkeley Boole earlier this month, according to Berkeley. Photo: Google Maps

Local residents of Berkeley have been infected with measles this month, according to city health officials.

The infected person is no longer infected, but people who crossed the Berkeley Bowl route earlier this month may be at risk of contracting the disease.

According to reports, Berkeley's adult resident in Oregon's popular grocery store in 2020 is between 3-5 hours on May 7th.

The city first became aware of the potential case of measles on 11 May and confirmed it on Monday, said Lisa Hernandez, Berkeley's health officer.

"We are doing an in-depth interview, understanding and identifying the movement of man and the risk of these movements," Hernandez said in a telephone interview Friday.

When asked whether the person went to another place in Berkeley while they were infected, Hernandez said the investigation identified Berkeley Bowl as an appropriate place. She said no additional information would be provided on the identity of the infected person.

Berkeley Boole is notified of the case and the shop is completely safe to enter now, said city spokeswoman Mattay Chako.

Measles is an extremely contagious virus in the air. The disease is 25 years old across the country, but this is Berkele's first documented case during recent outbreaks.

Cases are of concern for those who have not received measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR) given to young children in two doses.

"This effective and easy protection is important because the virus itself is transmitted easily: coughing or sneezing of an infected person can be kept in the air for up to an hour – at this point the risk is distracting," a message said Friday in the city.

(Berkeleyside contacted the city before the release was sent out after Kate Harrison's wife sent an earlier version of her voters' message but was heard from the town after the announcement.)

Children in California should be vaccinated before they reach five, but until recently there were exceptions for families whose personal belief systems prohibit vaccination.

Medical exceptions are still available, and the number of children receiving them has increased as the release of personal beliefs has been abolished. The proposed legislation, the draft Senate 276, will require stronger state control and documentation of these medical exceptions. The Berkeley School Board adopted this month a resolution supporting the bill.

A small private school in Berkeley, Berkeley Rose Waldorf, had one of the lowest rates of immunization in the kindergarten in the Gulf area in 2017-18, with only 29% of these students being vaccinated (some maybe not yet have reached the age of mandatory vaccines when these data are reported).

The initial symptoms that occur one to three weeks after exposure include runny nose, red eyes, cough and fever, the city's news says. Then the typical rash of measles usually begins on the face and spreads to another place.

"If you have any concerns, contact your media provider," Hernandez said. Anyone with potential symptoms should notify their provider before appearing personally.

Berkeleyside has reached the Berkeley Bowl and will update this story if the shop responds.

City councilor Ben Bartlett, whose district includes a grocery store, says, "We are monitoring the situation and working to limit the impact on the community.

"I'm expecting a child now, so I'm very sensitive to the fact that we all have a responsibility to protect each other from harm," he said.

This story was updated after posting to include comments from Ben Bartlett.

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