Monday , July 26 2021

"The Famous Big Brother": Review of the Premiere of Season 2 – Episode 1

Twelve new celebrities – Depending on your definition of "celebrity", that is, Big Brother house on Monday, hoping to take the crown of CBS's reality by Marissa Jarrett Wynocour.

As if you expect something less than a house that houses Anthony Scaramucci, the mother of Real Housewife and Lindsay Lohan (among others), the return of Celebrity Big Brother brought a very early drama as an athlete, and the actor came to power.

But first! (I'm sorry, I had.) Before the first season of Season 2 could take place on Monday, the celebrities had to move and get to know each other.

Highlights: Candy Burrus (on Mostly, Real hosts from Atlanta) and Tamar Braxton (on Family values ​​of Braxton) They are fools who can not decide whether they want to make a union with each other; Runway star Lolo Jones worries that her roommates will automatically accept that she is in line with her colleagues at the Olympic Games Ryan Lohan; Meanwhile, Loch is just trying to figure out which television program Joey Lawrence used. ("Was Joey Tim "The Taylor Toolhe asks in the diary and invent an alternative title Home improvement.)

Of course, it's not long before Julie Chen warns the hosts to wait for the unexpected, which turns into Big BrotherThe world's first celebrity race. In short, celebrities are required to come together and try to win the race as a duet, and one of the two teams ultimately becomes the first head of the season's household. (Like Keelin and Natalie Eva Marie are the only miserable souls no selected as a team – but as a comforting reward, they ensure the safety of being expelled throughout the first week.)

After a physically exhausting (and fairly inconvenient) competition that includes rocking back and forth on giant swings to fill champagne glasses, Ryan Loch and Bad Girls scholarship Jonathan Bennett emerged as the inaugural Moscow rank of the season. But there is a twist! Now that they have won this race as a team, they will have to face each other to determine which of them will become the head of the household – and the loser of the match will automatically become the first (and potential) candidate. 2).

Part 2 of the Ryan and Jonathan race will not take place until Tuesday in the 8/7 – but meanwhile, what do you think about the premiere on Monday? All early preferences (or least preferred)? Leave all your reactions in a comment below!

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