Monday , June 21 2021

The former teammate calls on Antonio Brown a terrible situation: ESPN

PITTSBURGH – Antonio Brown could have caused his problems with Steelers to disappear or disappear and he can no longer be, say former ESPN teammates in details of the star's links to and within the franchise.

Twenty former teammates were interviewed in the story, which sneaked up in Brown's meetings late, and Mike Tomlin's varied responses to Brown's behavior and how Colonel Stillers watched Brown all the time.

Some of them objected, though many of them explicitly said they like Brown and that he is worth everything that comes with him.

The players also talked about Brown's connection with Ben Roeslisberg. This is not the cozy, fraternal image they depict when they say they laugh at the reporters who question their dynamics.

Brown did not play in the final, mandatory match of the season. He complained of soreness on his knee, ankle and feet on Wednesday, the first day of the training a week, Tomlin said. The head coach also said that Brown told him he was injured on his knee on Thursday and Friday before Brown left the team ordered by MRI, then ignored Tomlin until Sunday morning.

At that point, Tomlin said, Drew Rosenhouse, Brown's agent, called Tomlin and told him that Brown could play against Bengal this afternoon. Tomlin told him he could not, but Brown had to meet him in Heinz Field. Brown did it, and was originally left to watch the match with Tomlin's request, although after half-time he was not seen on the sideline.

Team owner and president Art Rooney II has repeatedly publicly stated that Brown is unlikely to return to the team in 2019.

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