The game likes to stir the pot and that's what it is doing right now. There is no more effective way to get your name in the press than to find yourself under the skin of Kani West. In a recent leak from an upcoming song from The Game, he raped: "I held Kim Kardashian for her throat, nigga!" It's getting worse. He continues to say, "I got her to swallow my children until it choked the nigger! I have to apologize, because my people, negro!" The line is interesting as it goes on Jesus Piece & # 39;"Heavenly Weapons," he spits, "Invite Kim now, I'm happy for this Negro / Disrespectful to him or his wife, I'll slap you for this Negro."

The game has changed its mind about rappers since the fall of a penny in the past. He once said he would never spoil Jay-Z on his debut album The documentary, and then turned and distracted Jay-Z. The connection of the 50 Cent game is another example of its propensity to switch countries. He moved from Kanye's back to Kanye's wife's disrespect, but the game was warned in advance. According to TMZ, Close friends and business partners of the game urged him to cut Kim's line. They believed that this would cause unwanted effects with Jesse and also with the Kardashian clan who had become fond of the game. The game could not care.