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The Gmail diary for all of your purchases appears in the privacy debate

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Tagged with "Purchases" and available at, this is a sorted diary of the digital and physical items you've purchased, with automated Google scans received from receipts sent to your inbox in Gmail. In a statement CNBC Google has confirmed that the page is viewable only to the user, and "You can delete this information at any time. We do not use any information from your Gmail messages to show you ads, and this includes emails and endorsements displayed on the Buy Page. "

However, this is a lot of information that dates back years and highlights exactly how much Google can access, even when it's used for you, auto-tagging Assistant cards, personal search information, or Google Maps directions. Also, although you can delete the records, it does not have the recently announced Location History capabilities to eliminate the information after a certain period of time, or even a group erase button at all. You can turn off this type of tracking, according to Google, but there is no link to the controls on this page, "he told the company CNBC he looks for simplification of the settings and this seems like the right move.

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