Thursday , June 24 2021

The Indiana family talks about the importance of HPV vaccination after dying a loved one

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. "An Indiana family hopes to share the story of a loved one that can prevent someone from infecting a human papilloma virus, better known as HPV.

36-year-old Candice Sam-Watkins was a fighter. When she was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, she was determined to shoot him. Kandis was a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister. He could not throw the towel.

"She went through numerous surgeries, numerous chemotherapy, multiple radiations, and November 12th said she could not do anything else," said Candy's mother Shari Sam.

After a tough battle she died on January 19, 2019. The Kendis family said the cancer was linked to HPV.

The CDC reports that millions of Americans are infected with it, but just over 31,000 of them will be affected by cancer because of this.

"She was my older sister and, as Britannia even said. There are many people who own it. Many women who can have it, and that does not cause them a problem, but there is always a chance, "said Kandis brother Zack Sam.

"If talking about her and sharing her story saves a person's life or encourages a person to get the vaccine, that significantly outweighs the benefits of the risk of vaccination," said Candy's sister, Brittany Cronmiller.

Candace's family wants people to consider the possibility of vaccinating against HPV in order to save someone else from the pain they are experiencing.

Meanwhile, they will continue to think about her life. They are grateful for the time they have had with her.

"If there is a problem with people going through this, there is always hope," said 11-year-old daughter of Candy Shaily Watkins.

"Thank you, Kendis, and we love you. You will always be our navigator, "said Kronmiller.

Kendis's family runs a silent auction this weekend to raise money for their children, and part of the proceeds will go to cancer research.

The auction will take place at the Barnes Restaurant in Emerson, on Saturday, starting at 14 o'clock.

This week also marks the first week of HPV awareness. To learn more about HPV, click here.

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