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The LGBTQ Group nominated Assassin's Creed Odyssey for a prize, with a warning

Today, nominations have been announced for the first ever category in the annual GLAAD Awards, with honors Ancient Scrolls Online: Summerset, Guild Wars 2: Fire Arena, The Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, The Sims Mobile and Assassin's Creed Odyssey for their presentation of LGBT symbols. The nomination of this latest game includes an additional explanatory note that discusses controversial the required romance in the latest download option.

– Our decision to nominate Credo of the murderer: Odysseus is ultimately rooted in the understanding that progress can sometimes be confused, "writes Blair Deryki, a consultant of the LGBTQ Protection Group on a blog. Dirkie noted that the nomination would certainly "lift her eyebrows".

The raised eyebrows are due to the bend Odyssey in recent weeks. Even before the start, the ancient Greek adventure of Ubisoft drew attention, among other things, allowing players to choose to play as a man named Alexios or a woman named Kassandra and then romance (and sleep with) some of a handful of male or female heroes players can meet in the game. Sex happens outside of the screen, but the characters can choose who to judge, including various dialog options for flirting and developing these relationships. The creators of the game have told players they will never be forced to relate to any specific character and could play a role-playing game with their character as any sexuality in the 100-hour game. All this was enhanced in the game itself, as the pullout expansion was distributed to the customers who paid last week and which introduced the necessary romance, apparently, for the purpose of the biological child.

"In the worst case, this sends the damaging message that sexual orientation can be changed at will and LGBT people can choose to live up to their heterogeneous expectations despite their identity," Dirkie writes.

Many fans complained about DLC's binding regular link last week, with some expressing pain that the game seems to be homosexuality as a choice that can be revoked, and others simply say that it has not been said that the game will do.

In response, Ubisoft and the creative director of the game made a few excuses: first for surprising players and later for a more nuanced message to release players. Yesterday, developers said they would change a dialogue and a clip in the released DLC to better accommodate players who want to choose the "non-romantic" version of the link. DLC will not change the hero's decision to engage in heterosexual contact to have a child, but it will obviously allow a greater connection to play as a utilitarian who only deals with the continuation of a blood line. The ultimate fate of the relationship will be depicted in the forthcoming last chapter of the enlargement.

Dirke described the announced changes as "a positive step", although he noted that these changes "do not entirely address the challenge." They also noted that GLAAD is in contact with Ubisoft to offer feedback on the whole situation that a representative of Ubisoft also offers. verified until Kotaku,

At forums and social media, fans feedback to Credo of the killer reports and team plans. Some say it was a conscientious effort to keep the spirit in which the game was originally presented, and that it is about the lure and switch that many players felt. Others claim that he gives too much control, although the game's authors seem pretty motivated to do so and do not actually change their main points. Some fans have closed the idea that Credo of the killerhistorical characters had to have biological descendants based on the logic of how contemporary game knowledge is related to its gambling events in the past, but biological offspring was not a must for game characters in the latest franchise games. Last week there was no indication that Alexios or Cassandra would have a descendant, which explains how many players were surprised.

Nomination of GLAAD Odyssey reads: t

Assassin's Creed: The Odyssey follows the main characters of Cassandra and Alexios in an epic role-playing adventure in ancient Greece. True to the norms of the historical period, sexuality is fluid and celebrated. Cassandra and Alexius can romance same-sex characters in the game and you will often encounter non-player heroes with same-sex partners. There are specific references to historical LGBTQ figures, including Alcibiades and Sappho. The inclusion of LGBTQ is both visible and effective woven throughout the game.

Other games were also praised for their LGBTQ characters: Guild Wars 2Enlargement to "create identities of LGBTQ as a natural and vital part of the world" The Pillars of Eternity II for the "Expensive Symbol Composition includes many with LGBTQ identities," Sims for bringing its long-term LGBTQ inclusion of mobile and Elder Scrolls expansion to the "questline in which the player helps a transsexual woman assemble with her estranged twin sister."

The winner of the GLAAD award will be announced in the coming weeks.

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