Sunday , September 25 2022

The police reported that a man was killed in the shooting at the Orland Park Mall; demand continues for a shooter


Orland Park police are looking for an archer who shot a man near a food court at Orland Square Mall on Monday night, according to Deputy Chief of Police Joseph Mitchell.

Investigators do not know the motive for the shooting and believe that the shooter knew the victim. Mitchell said shooting was an "isolated incident."

The police responded at 6:45. a call of shots fired near the food court. The detectives gathered numerous shells in the supply vessel. The victim stumbled and was found near an escalator near H & M, police said. He was taken to the Medical Center of Christ's Attorney at Oak Lawn, where he died.

Detectives review video surveillance from the mall and say the shooter has fled from the mall to the east. Police search the area and buyers are escorted from the area. The suspect is described as a man about six feet tall, with black robes and blue jeans.

Mitchell does not publish the name or age of the person he shot.

Rana Alkyani was shopping with her four children when they heard shots.

The mother grabbed her children and the family escaped.

"We panicked," she said. – It's hell.

The family gathered together in the cold factory of Chiksake, waiting for Alkyani's wife to take them.

The mother worries about how the incident will affect her children.

"You feel you're going to die," she said.

"I heard the shots," said Oscar Aribe of Oak Forest. Aribe, who hid himself, described the situation as a lot of turmoil and chaos.

Diana Senna, who left the mall around 19:30, said she had been barricaded at J's store. Penny with his family for about 40 minutes.

Numerous agencies responded to the shooting, according to a spokesman at the Orland Park fire department. The shopping center is located on 288 Orland Square Drive.

Christina Pelt, a Victoria's secretary, said she had heard seven shots just before 6:30 pm. She said she heard a colleague calling: "Call 911."

"We heard some of them, but we did not see anything," says Pelt.

She said she then ran about 30 clients back in her store. He said they were locked in the office for about 45 minutes.

"You'll never expect that," Pelt said. There was a lot of crying and cries.

Pelt said the police eventually told them they were safe to leave the mall.

Dozens of people were still leaving the mall late on Monday when the police blocked the entrances and formed a perimeter around the building.

At Macy's store there were groups of people waiting to ride and stay warm.

An agent from Cinnabon, who shuddered in his car while warming, said there were dozens of people in the food hall when they were firing. He and several other employees fled back.

He saw a large crowd invading Macy when he reached the parking lot.

Freelance reporter Frank Vaisvilas contributed to this report.

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