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The Punisher & # 39; Showrunner interrupts the monstrous shootout

It would not be a season The criminal without a massive firefight … or two. One such scene in the secondary school The criminal was so unique and interesting that it would surely be distinguished with Frank Castle's fans everywhere. overcame The criminal showrunner and executive producer Steve Lightfoot to talk about Castle everything, including a penalty shootout in particular.

WARNING: Small spoilers for The criminal Season two ahead. Continue with caution if you have not yet seen the last 13 episodes of Netflix hit.

While the season was home to several rough battles – such as a fever on the faces of Russian gangsters with dumbbells – a scene stood out in particular. The Castle (John Bertalt) and Amy Bendix (Georgia Wiggam) finally found John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) in a room of local hotel.

Once Castle arrives at the hotel, chaos appears shortly afterwards in a beautiful scene that includes Castle and Pilgrim blindly firing each other through adjoining rooms. And to limit everything, they threw in a classic Netflix elevator / corridor fight at the tail end.

Speaking with, Lightfoot mentioned that the fight in the hotel was always designed to portray the two different lives that Pilgrim lived. In essence, one room represents the Pilgrim family – the first future, while the other room represents the sins of past life.

"When we worked out the scenarios, we came to this idea that somehow the pilgrim stole the room from man the next door, it was full of drugs and alcohol, and the idea was that these two rooms had become the fighting lands of Pilgrim, "Lightfoot thinks. then there was the one where he was now the family man who just wanted to go home.

"It was almost Jake's room and Hyde's room," Lightfoot said. Again, this is similar to Frank, we still support this subject, so when we came to the script for this episode, it made sense to somehow collide with them to see both in the two rooms. "

Lightfoot continued to describe how the scene is a living subject of how Castle and Pilgrim are very close to being the same man – how each one continues to live with his murderous ways for his family.

"There has always been this idea of ​​a mirror, and then I just have fun with practicality, you are in this room, I am in this room, how to exchange, how to change it," says Lightfoot. "So we wrote a version of the scripts, which, if you like, was driven by a theme and where did we get these guys, then let the cascading coordinator and the guys release it."

The manufacturer took care to mention that they had built the hotel rooms as a kit to be able to do whatever they wanted on the stage, giving the stunt a free march to the emergence of the biggest weapons.

– We built these two rooms as kits, so we were not in a real hotel, so we had a carte blanche to do what we wanted with this place, "reveals Lightfoot. So we wrote a version in the script, and then I told the stuntmen, "Just run with it. And then come back, show me what you got. And she came from them, and cleansed her. We shot this sequence in the elevator, we shot it for a long time, it was a real love work.

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The criminal Season Two is now streaming on Netflix.

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