Thursday , June 17 2021

The rap for the sex game with Kim Kardashian and the people are disgusted

Kim Kardashian has become the subject of a new foul-feud after the game uses its alleged sexual history in a new song.

The rapper debuted on the track during listening on Thursday night, and the objectionable texts rightly get a response to their vulgarity and disrespect.

Anxious graphic texts mention past relationships with Kim, but he does not enjoy a late evening meeting that others would prefer to take the path of the shock factor.

"I held Kim Kardashian for my throat, and I made her swallow my children until she choked," wrote the texts.

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The lyrics go beyond the name of clickbait to popularize his album and go into a much worse place as he follows Kanye West's excuses for sharing, but not for the woman he tells the world about.

It is fair to assume that Kanye will be far from enthusiastic about the situation, but it is also offensive to Kim, who has had men reporting supposed intimacy many times over the years.


The game used Kardashians for titles before, claiming they slept with three of the sisters who were later deposed.

Kim had briefly joined the rapper many years ago, but there was never any beef between them because he even risked being happy with Kim and Kani in 2012.

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"Kanye with Kim now, I'm happy about this ***** / Disrespect for him or his wife, I'll give you a shame about this *****," he said then.

So, what has changed? Is it a desperate attempt to pay attention before the release of his album? Or is it always so bad about women?

So far neither Kim nor Kane has responded, but we have the feeling that he can change …

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