Sunday , June 13 2021

Trump tears BuzzFeed and HuffPost among cuts

President TrumpDonald John Trump Stone: "I have never had a discussion" with Trump for pardoning the White House: Trump will move forward on the wall with or without Demen Pelosi after the stone indictment: "What does Putin have on the president?" MORE ▼ on Saturday said the recent dismissals in two major news organizations were triggered by a reaction to "False News and Bad Journalism," as dozens of journalists were out of work.

In one tweet, the president predicts that "many" other layoffs will follow dozens of departures at HuffPost and BuzzFeed, which last week announced significant cuts in news and creative staff operations.

"Buzz Falls Fast at BuzzFeed and Huffpost!" The title, the New York Post, fake news and bad journalism have caused a big drop, writes Trump on Twitter. – Unfortunately, many others will follow. People Want The Truth!

BuzzFeed announced this week that approximately 15% of its employees will be cut short when the company tries to achieve a sustainable growth model, while HuffPost fired around 20 journalists on Wednesday.

Trump's news came an hour after it was reported that many of the fired journalists had received threats of death from coordinated trolls on the internet who often published anti-Semitic messages about Jewish reporters' eating.

BuzzFeed News Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith responded on Saturday to the president's tweak, calling him a "disgusting" reaction to journalists who are losing their jobs.

"What a disgusting thing to say about dozens of American workers who have just lost their jobs," he writes.

HuffPost editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen added that about 1,000 people who have been hit by cuts in both companies and others this week are not deserving of "cruelty" by the president.

"1000 journalists have lost their jobs last week, ordinary people with rent, support families, student student bills coming in, workers like anybody who does not deserve this cruelty," she wrote.

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