Monday , June 14 2021

Very early look at the setting of Chase Field's Royal Rumble

As the place for 2019 Royal Rumble was announced, fans were anticipating the scene / ring / input setup. Phoenix Chase Field is a baseball park that is not configured as the usual arena or stadium.

A snapshot of the inside of the field that makes the circle does not represent anything close to the complete set. It was not even close enough to reveal much detail. However, there is a description of the person (s) who emitted it, who may have separated the picture or is only a few degrees away from that person:

No matter how cool the fighters appear to appear on the screen, it will be for me. Unfortunately, blurring of the image does not help me to understand how the final product will look.

Oh, well, expectation is part of the fun. Thinking away … it's (almost) rumbling!

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