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Why Megan Marcel and Prince Hari's pregnancy plans are so important

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On April 11, The Buckingham Palace made a statement on behalf of Prince Harry and Megan Marcel, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The note thanked the well-wishers, but then went on to work: "Their Royal Highnesses made a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby in person. The Duke and Duchess are eager to share the exciting news with everyone after having had the opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family. "For the first time in 42 years, the baby royal baby would not have walked in the footsteps of Lindo Krilo from St. Mary's Hospital, whose entrance was described by the New York Times last year as" the most impressive doors in the world. "

"Although we do not have a birth pool in Kensington Palace and fly a stork, it's in the book – to have the baby in the Lindo as they do," Ken Wharfe, a former bodyguard of Lady Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry, once said of people. "They will not change it." The British press seems equally convincing; when they learned about the planned shaking, they were not happy. Ultimately, the content of the royal baby means big money.

"Megan can not claim confidentiality," after your star is wearing a baby shower and a wedding for which we have divided £ 30 million, "read the title in Lauren Clark's story of the Sun." Being Royal is not an Incomplete Work working day. "Meanwhile, non-journalists are also angry, some are calling forMegxitAlthough many people – particularly women and especially mothers – applauded the Duke and Duchess's decision, it became clear that others felt deceived. For them, Megan may have given up her acting career but is still expected to play a role. Everything in the name of tradition.

Ironically, if Megan really does have a home birth, she will behave on a much more established tradition; The Virgin Mary Hospital has been a royal birth station for the past four decades for only three mothers of the monarchy: Princess Anne, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton, the current Duchess of Cambridge. It's not exactly a long-standing practice for an institution that existed since 1066 AD!

It can not be denied that the royal family's life events are not just personal markers for the people. Over time, these moments became shared, social rituals with the larger audience. (Or maybe they are just for good or bad, the distraction that we welcome in our lives – recreation from the secular or more intense.) And think about what a man does royal. It should be either marriage – as in the case of Megan – or through birth and bloodlines. The system may be archaic, but the craze of royal pregnancies, at some level, makes sense. Babies are the key to preserving the monarchy.

It could be argued that British citizens deserve such an early, first-look look at the potential future heir of the nation. But Baby Sussex will be seventh in the row for the throne and may not even win a royal title. There is also a media circus to consider; since Lindo Wing's photo has become a convention over the years, it has also become more and more cumbersome. What he expects in front of the door is the introduction of Pride Rock-esque with fewer giraffes and zebras and more mounted ladders, snapping cameras and creepy-looking dolls. The Daily Mail Journalist, Jan Maar, called it a "totally pale British orgy of oats, sticks and knitted shoes."

Ironically, if Megan really does have a home birth, she will behave on a much more established tradition.

As Megan entered the royal sphere, she received countless stories that governed the range. Some of them are negative – the story of a social climber, demanding diva, "Princess Smoky" – while others are more positive: She is the favorite black princess, a modern Cinderella, a modernizer and unpretentious savior of the monarchy. She has become the heroine of the trademark in a fabulous fairy tale of transcendence: a transatlantic romance between Yankee and Briton, an ordinary man and a prince, a birch black woman and a white man.

And with this pregnancy the fairy tales continue to rotate. She is a palace-destroyer, the duchess of deceit, a threat to the monarchy. Even fans have made sense for her to quit Lindo Wing's photo; Hannah Fairn of the Independent, for example, praised Megan's delivery decision as recognition that "birth is not easy." Although the premise is true (pregnancy is difficult), this interpretation is not necessarily accurate; Megan probably does not want to pull a pair of pantyhose and remove the camera for hours after pushing a human being out of her body, but that may not be the main reason for preserving birth from a point of view. The truth is that we do not know the truth of Megan, and her commitment to her inviolability guarantees this.

And while Megan's refusal to achieve immediate post-natal performance is called "royal protocol avoidance," the pressure seems to be incorrect. Is everything really about the tradition? Or rather a sense of right and ownership of Megan's life and body? What, if any, the cuts can do to overhaul the hard roles they have inherited?

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Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William.

Prince Harry and Megan Mark's decision to keep Mother for his birth plan should not be that shockingly. The couple has always been known as private. Their courtship began secretly – secret dates between London and Toronto and a romantic getaway in Botswana. When it comes to interracial, international relations, the press has thundered. Accordingly, the Prince issued an unprecedented strict statement to the media about their attitude towards Megan, which included patches of spots on racist and sexist tropes, as well as harassment over her and her family. "It's not a game – it's her life and its," the note noted. Prince Harry did not play.

Prince Harry's disregard for the British press by tabloids has been produced well before their interim coverage. His mother, Princess Diana, was killed in a car crash in the Pont de Alma tunnel as he tried to escape the paparazzi. Duncan Larcombe, author and former royal editor The sun, wrote last year, "In Harry's mind, the press killed his mother. I know this because he told me a few times in private.

Foresters have allowed a minimal press at their wedding – reportedly four photojournalists outside the chapel, a reporter inside – have since moved from London to the Frogmore Windsor House for "more space and privacy," according to a fair source. But their efforts to keep the press at arm's length have done so much, especially in defending Megan, who is the most Google man in Hogla.

Prince Harry's disregard for the British press by tabloids has been produced well before their interim coverage.

George Clooney, a friend and wedding guest of Sussex, told Australian magazine: "She is persecuted and shunned and persecuted in the same way as Diana and her [sic] and Oprah Winfrey, who co-produced a documentary series on mental health with Prince Harry, also defended Megan on CBS That morning earlier this month: "If people really knew her, they would know that she was not just everything we perceived it graceful and dynamic in this situation – but she just has a wonderful, warm, giving, loving heart. I see the whole crazy press around her and I think it's really unfair.

Curiosity can quickly become a cruelty, and the reaction of the Royal reporters to Megan's decision is proof. The only thing to do is to give up the disapproved expectation, but the fury shown shows that it is worse: a fake, but long-lasting solution for the female body. And the protest is compounded by the fact that Megan is a birch American and is still considered by an outsider (in other words, unworthy).

There is a sweet irony in temporarily removing Megan from the public sphere; although she is constantly being criticized as a search for attention, she is now excited to be too personal. But there is something quiet and especially strong for megan to take her pregnancy in her own hands, regardless of external pressure. Baby Sussex will be the first (publicly acknowledged) two-breasted baby born in the British monarchy. Historically, the British public has claimed ownership – in many different ways – both for black and brown bodies, and for the life of members of the royal family. So Megan's decision to manage pregnancy under her own conditions, prioritizing her child's well-being – while occupying these sophisticated roles and identities – is particularly meaningful and unprecedented.

Not only a birhic black woman from America – a country where black women are three or four times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth than white women – hopefully, be provided with comfort and environment she wants at birth, but she refuses. the role of the spectacle, the super-human being assigned to her.

The contradictions around the birth plan was not the first question when Megan was questioned about her mother. She is messed up, she's too big and she's stuck her stomach ("I understand, it's pregnant!"). And then there are conspiracy theories that the duchess is fake her pregnancy, enveloping the moon's drop of the countless social commitments that are expected to be present.

The royal family is under constant surveillance and their pregnancy is no exception. Tabloids have once called Sara Ferguson as the "Duchess Duchess" because of the accumulation of pregnancy, while the ever-better Kate Middleton is accused of falsifying her pregnancy. And Megan has been subject to considerably more resilience and allegations of illegality. She may have renounced her acting career, but she is still expected to perform.

The notion that pregnancy doubles as a public performance is not really new. Rebounding from the post-baby has become an extreme, competitive sport. We enchant the glow of future mothers despite the morning nausea, fatigue and swelling that they can experience at the same time. At the same time, the distribution of mothers from Instagram, which promotes ideal family life, not only nourishes the thriving industry for baby products, but also offers ambitious – albeit unrealistic – models of maternity.

The focus is even more intense for the celebrities they expect. The terms "masquerading" and "baby boomers" are often mixed in headlines related to pregnancy, and expecting mothers are lucrative feed for the sale of magazines. So-called "sweet" pregnancies became, as Anne Helen Petersen wrote in 2017, "one of the main forms of publicity of women's celebrities."

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But at a deeper level, the way we see pregnant celebrities ensures social self-reflection. We turned the pregnancy into a police state. in Pregnant with the stars: watching and wanting for a celebrityThe legal scientist and author Rene Anne Kramer writes: "When we look pregnant celebrity, we can see how our culture assesses which bodies are acceptable and desirable – which performances of femininity and pregnancy are considered ideal. "While watching the pregnant duchess of Sussex, we see what performances of royalties and race are considered ideal. or just acceptable.

Megan is far from the first public person, preferring a discreet delivery process. Cardi B declined to be pregnant for months, and later explained her motives, saying: "People are so thirsty to explore and try to destroy something that implies [sic] Celebrities such as Adele have openly requested confidentiality during their pregnancy, while others like Eva Mendes and Alexis Bledel are more thieving by withdrawing from public attention. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner withdrew from the spotlight and later introduced her pregnancy to her own (understandable market) terms, like Megan, which she hopes to do. Self-imposed privacy is almost a retrograde movement; pregnancy has once been considered a silent affair so that it is not visible.

But now, instead of preserving birth as private because of the decency, it has become a decision, a choice. And when, as Kramer points out, observation of the pregnant body seems to coincide with greater public ownership of it (which in turn may have social-legal consequences for the management of women's rights), and the transition is not seen as becoming more control and a requirement of dignity. Absence becomes a statement in itself.

"In a sense, her public role is work," says Lauren Smith Brody, author of Fifth trimester– So she says, "I do not work when my child is one day." This is a move that sets a border on behalf of all working mothers, royal or not. Determining Megan's priorities for her well-being over her popularity sends out a clear signal even if the royal is considered a 24/7 job.

Earlier this month, @sussexroyal launches – the official Instagram profile for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The account gained over one million followers in less than six hours, setting the Guinness World Record as the cornerstone. Now, more than 4.9 million users follow the handle.

The couple's earlier cases came under the @kensingtonroyal's official website, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton (since then, the Cuts have been removed from the account). Prince Harry and Megan had already begun (again) to enter the social media landscape in refined ways – last year Kensington Palace sometimes gave credit to the Duchess or Duchess of Sussex – but the launch of a personal account shows a clear change.

There is a fair concern that this new experience in social media will be too perfect. "If [Harry and Meghan] you can cut the tabloids, do not be surprised if the courageous images we've left are just stupid. shaleIt's Ruth Graham. But while the couple will probably pick pictures and maintain a certain standard of self-presentation – just like most Instagram users – they already show deviation from other royal social accounts.

Unlike the Cambridge clan – whose profile picture is healthy, the autumn family portrait – Duke Duchess and Duchess of Sussex have a logo: italic, monogrammed H and M, crowned with a crown. They have written off their inauguration "Harry and Megan" – creating random first names with their followers – while other members of the royal family use their titles in social media posts. And some detective action suggests that Megan itself can manage the bill; some of its wording is in favor of some American spellings and terms (e.g., diapers instead of diapers).

In essence, @sussexroyal looks more personal and more stylized, reflecting the general ethos of the couple that has so far been disseminated to the public. And it shows their social media and marketing knowledge. Between the old blog about Tigg – Megan's life – and its no-existent personal Instagram, Megan once had a fruitful online presence with prototype influences. (And despite the closure of her former online stores as part of her preparation for the princess, last year the New York Times proposed Megan to be "the most influential of all.") Meanwhile, Harry was an instrument for modernizing the monarchy through his engagement . in documentaries, frank interviews on mental health (both his and her overall) and his grandmother's cast as well as Obamas in a promo video for Invictus games.

Their PR strategy is smart. It keeps them somewhat accessible and accessible – Instagram is the fastest growing social network, yada yada – and it is also practical; A less formal call system than standard royalties has recently allowed the couple to redirect money for baby gifts to four different charities of their choice. But as long as their approach breaks old, restrictive boundaries, it also establishes healthy, allowing the couple to bypass the media who have no real obligation or reason to trust; In particular, the tabloid-monarchy relations are much more parasitic than symbiotic. Continuing ahead, royal reporters may continue to cover the pair less than flattering ways, but now the Sesies have less commitment to engage. Why reward bad behavior?

Like this past At the end of February, Beyonce, the ruling monarch of the United States, published a photo of her and her husband, Jay-Z. By mimicking an icon from the music video "APESHIT" in the Louvre, the duet stood proudly in front of the royal, sepia-colored portrait of the duchess of Sussex, the glossy diadem at the top of her head, and her neck in layers of pearls. До снимката, съобщение: “В чест на Месеца на Черната история, ние се покланяме на един от нашите Меланирани Монаси. Поздравления за бременността! Желаем ви толкова много радост. "

Обичащият Меган за Мона Лиза е странно подходящ. Около нея има някаква загадка, да не говорим за нарастваща мания с нейната усмивка. И двамата се превърнаха в нещо, което трябва да се види – сред най-разпознаваемите лица в света – и и двете станаха абсурдно известни в голяма степен случайно. „Мона Лиза“ бе провъзгласена за слава благодарение на една вековна художествена обир, докато Меган просто се бе влюбила в тогавашния най-подходящ ерген в света. И независимо от истината, Меган също се е превърнала в платно, върху което се рисуват истории.

Движението на Меган да отстоява правото си на неприкосновеност на личния живот, на родителя, както тя смята за подходящо, и да се ангажира с последователи, директно й позволява да разруши таблоидната екосистема, на която се очаква да разчита и да се храни с нея – екосистема, която в повечето случаи само я нарани и нейното семейство. И като прави всичко това, тя откъсва възложените й разкази и избира своя.

Може би Меган не иска обществеността да я познава, или тя чувства, че нейният статус и възложената му роля го правят невъзможно. Може би @sussexroyal ще бъде начинът й и нейният съпруг да се опитат. Независимо от това, те очевидно се издигат извън строгите правила на кралското поведение и на самоопределението – може би единственият лукс, който никога не е бил наистина предоставен на британската монархия. Когато става въпрос за кралските семейства – а може би и в нашата епоха на несигурно цифрово неприкосновеност на личния живот, всички останали – неприкосновеността на личния живот става привилегия.

Когато @sussexroyal се роди, месец преди Baby Sussex да се появи, първата му публикация включваше слайдшоу от много снимки, жизнено въртене на ръкостискане, прегръдки, плюс слон за добра мярка. Последният слайд – снимка на херцога и херцогинята, стояща на балкона на Grand Pacific Hotel във Фиджи, беше може би най-впечатляващата.

Други снимки, заснети от пресата, от този ден показват младата двойка, изправена пред тълпата фенове и фотографи, които махаха, както някога правеха бабите и дядовците на Хари. Но образът, който Съсекс избра да сподели от този момент, беше ясна промяна от историческото изображение на кралицата и вместо това черно-бяла снимка, напомняща за първата им коледна картичка като семейна двойка. На тази снимка херцогът и херцогинята стоеха, задържайки се на сватбеното си тържество, с гръб към камерата, но с езерото Фогмор на заден план, вместо море от хора, фойерверки вместо мигащи камери. И в двата случая те всички ни подтикват да изменим нашия колективен поглед. Виждаме това, което виждат, и само ако искат. ●

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