Sunday , June 13 2021

Wife of the head of the White House communications services, continues anti-vaccination tirade American news

White House Director of White House Communications, Bill Sheen, on Wednesday continued an anti-vaccination tirade while distributing conspiracy theories for measles outbreaks in the Northwest Pacific.

In a series of tweets, Darla Seine is excited about the CNN-segment with details of the epidemic in which more than 50 unvaccinated people are fighting measles in the States of Washington and Oregon.

"Here we go LOL #measlesoutbreak to #CNN #Fake # Hysteria," writes Darla Shine. "The whole daily population of Baby Boom has had # Measles as children … Return our # childhood illnesses that keep you healthy and fight cancer."

"As a child, I had # Measles # Mumps #ChickenPox, and every child I knew," she continued, adding, "Unfortunately, my children had #MMR so they will never have the natural immunity long for my life. I breathe! "

MMR refers to the vaccine that has long been recommended to children for protection against measles, mumps and rubella. Developed more than four decades ago, the vaccine has seen a significant breakthrough in the prevention of such diseases and has been declared effective through numerous studies.

Darla Shine, a former television producer, is married to Bill Sheen, former executive director of Fox News, who was appointed last year as Deputy Head of Donald Trump Communications Headquarters.

Faced with criticism for his comments, Shin accused the "left" of trying to smear it. She also suggested without evidence that measles can cure cancer by pointing to a 2014 case that is much more complicated and does not make any definitive conclusions.

This is not the first time that Darla Shine's public statements sparked controversy. She once announced that the sunscreen was a "fiction" and repeatedly pushed out debated theories about the danger of vaccines.

Other open tweets have discovered that Darla Shin makes profane remarks about the race, questioning why white people are considered racist for the use of "n-word," given its use by blacks and the protection of the Confederate flag.

She repeatedly tolerated tolerance when discussing allegations of sexual violence, whether in the military or in the Fox News.

When Roger Ayles, the former former network chairman and former host Bill O'Reilly, had been charged with sexual offense, Darla Shin tried to discredit the accusers.

Her husband, Bill, was forced to resign as Fox News's co-chair, following charges, and was accused of ignoring her attempt to repress the accusers' bills.

Darla Sheayn's vaccine tutelages come as state legislators in Washington and Oregon, who are considering changes to their laws that allow the release of children from school vaccination for medical, religious, personal or philosophical reasons.

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