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Williams Videos – Warriors have made a mistake in "Looking Forward"

OAKLAND, CA – In recent days, some Golden Gate Warriors have admitted they are keeping an eye on their potential second opponent, Houston Rockets.

"We see our opponent, they are up 3-0," said Warriors guards Claire Thompson for Rockets after winning their 4th team on Sunday. "So we do not want to give them more days off."

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But LA Clippers, who defeated Warriors 129-121 in game 5 on Wednesday to extend their first-round series, ruled out the possibility of being overlooked.

"Our focus was on us to go in, extend the series and get another victory on the home floor," said Clippers Lu Williams star reserve after winning the Oracle Arena, which pushed the series to play 6 on Friday in Los Angeles. – It's their mistake to look ahead.

Clippers is the first team to win two match games as two-digit outsiders in the same post-1993 season. Lakers, according to ESPN Stats & Information. ("93 Lakers won Games 1 and 2 against Suns in the first round as 13.5- and 14-point winners before losing the best of five series in five games."

Wednesday's disruption is also associated with the second largest post-seasonal disorder since 1991, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Clippers entered the game as a 15 point outsider.

After losing 5, Thompson admitted he was looking ahead.

– Yes, start with me. I was, "Thompson said. "I thought we'd come out and win tonight, but sometimes life is not going as planned We're still in a great position with hope just 48 minutes to shut these guys They were tedious It's been tough but now it's time to do What we do. "

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Lu Williams leads Clippers with a 33-point game, Clippers defeating warriors 129-121 in a thriller to force game 6.

Warrior stars Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, however, both said the team was not looking past Clippers.

"I know I do not think about the future," Durant said. – Just think about the game. And I feel that everyone has a mindset.

Kari Carey: "We understand that we have been in this situation many times, we know how difficult it is to close a series, and at the end of the day, as bad as we played in the first half, we were ready. we just made a shot and you think at the end of the day you look around in the mirror and keep our team responsible for the way we started the game and we have to do better than that.

During the series Clippers coach Dr. Rivers said he believed his team had not played their potential.

"I told our boys as if they were not [themselves] in the series, "he said. – We have not yet put a game in which we are, through the game.

But that changed on Wednesday.

"That was us," Rivers said. – That was our team today. And it was great to see.

Can Clippers be ahead 3-2 in the series? Patrick Beverly, a defender of Clippers, seemed to say after the game when he referred to the performance of his team in Game 4.

"This past game, Game 4, we felt we should have won," Beverly said. "We felt we lost a game and not beat us."

Rivers also mentioned the possibility that Wednesday's Clippers Ralph Lowler's last game, which retired after the post-seasons, was marked.

"Ralph never talked to me before the game when I was on the floor, and he approached me for the first time and said," Coach, I have 20 people. [come up] to congratulate me for my career and to say good luck, this evening is Ralph's end. Please do something about it, "Rivers said.

"So Ralph, we did. And everything is fine.

Clippers also spoke about Larry's career expansion for at least one more game.

"It's great for Ralph," Williams said. "It's great for all of us, and Ralph was about 40. So, to have the chance to keep him in the gym and have him around, that's great."

On the other hand, Warriors coach Steve Kerr has boasted Clippers, describing them as a "hellish team" who won 48 regular season games.

"They certainly have our respect," Kerr said. "They beat us over tonight and had a hell of a team. So we have to bring it if we want to beat them.

When they asked him to describe Clippers, Thompson replied simply: "They play hard.

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