Sunday , June 13 2021

Wrestler Booker T sues Activision for having released his alter ego in Black Ops 4

Professional boxer fighter Booker T. Huffman sues Activision publishers for his alleged character of a comic book "G.I. Bro "in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Today, Hafman filed a copyright claim based on the similarities between G.I. Bron and Black Ops hero David "The Prophet" Wilkes. – They could attract him in whatever way they want. But they chose to steal T GI Bro, "the complaint says.

Huffman's case appears to be based mainly on visual similarities between G.I. Prophet and Prophet. (This is GI BRO, as depicted in Hafman's comic book G.I. Brother and the Dragon of Death, unlike the 90s of the last century "G.I. Bron "personality struggle, and the Prophet, as depicted in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, as opposed to an older version of the character Black Ops III.) In particular, she compared a picture of the character of Hafman with a promotional image of the Prophet, stating that "there is no doubt that [Activision] copied 'G.I. Brato. "

G.I. Brooke drawing (left), Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 image of the Prophet (right)

G.I. Brother against the Prophet

The complaint describes the character of Hafman, who is based on his old algo ego, as "a retired soldier for special operations fighting an old enemy who he thought had graduated years earlier with the support of his old military friends. "Specialist" in Black Ops 4, is a cyber-improved soldier who ultimately replaces most of his parts with mechanical improvements. While the two did not sound almost like that, at least a few Redditors commented that the Prophetsa resembled Booker T.

Huffman is not the first celebrity to judge because of his supposedly similar video game. Lindsay Lohan famous claim for Rockstar Games over a Grand Theft Auto she claims she is based on her, but the court dropped the complaint. Actor Alfonso Ribeiro, along with other online celebrities and musicians, has claimed Epic Games Fortnite – in the case of Ribeiro, to establish a Fortnite The dance emotion he invented for Carlton Banks, his character Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Fisher claims that Carlton is a distinctive manner associated with its likeness – although it is a firm claim.

Activision did not respond immediately to a request for a comment.

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