Tuesday , June 15 2021

10 video games you play 20 years ago

If you think fast about that 1999, it will probably look like a year that has happened recently.

– It was the year of The danger of a ghost"It's been a while, but it's not that bad", you probably say. The fact is, however, that 1999 was 20 years ago,

It was an interesting annuity about the world of video games. It was a millennium closeSony and Nintendo held a bloody console war, and Sega jumped to the 128-bit generation with the launch of Dreamcast, In other words, 1999 was at the same time goodbye and a look at the future.

Just remember some of the great games that came this year to confirm that a few of the tropics still have been created gaming culture, We're talking about titles such as:

1. Super Smash Bros.

All of Nintendo's main characters were involved in fistfights. Support for four players. Gameplay that did not look like any other battle title. Then it sounded mad, but it was born one of the most addictive franchises of all time.

Mexican is the world champion of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

2. Silent Hill

Just when Capcom seemed to dominate the horror market of survival Resident Evil, Konami launches a proposal that is prone to psychological terror. Bijou, which provokes nightmares today.

3. Mario Party

Here begins the saga, which is perfect, along with Smash Bros., destroy friendships. The first entry seemed more like an experiment, but over time Nintendo perfected the formula.

4. Castlevania 64

Konami's long-standing franchise has leapt to the third dimension with this title, which polarizes the audience since its arrival (many of them complain about the gameplay and the camera, while others celebrate the atmosphere and the music). For us, this is one of the most memorable titles of Nintendo 64.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike

After Years of Issue of Re – editions and Updates of Street Fighter IICapcom went into the impossible: the launch of an even better third party. And he succeeded. Maybe there is no classic list of fighters, but Street Fighter III This is a game with very sophisticated techniques (only for real professionals) and visual effects.

6. Kain's Legacy: Soul Reaver

Cult title, which mixes aspects of the study Tomb Raider with a Gothic plot and a gloomy atmosphere. There is no ranking with the best games from the first PlayStation where this entry does not appear in the saga Cain's legacy,

7. Tony Hawk's Skater

A very clear example of a game that knows how to take advantage of its historical context to position itself as part of the culture of a particular era. Skateboards, apunketado soundtrack, addictive gameplay and great replay make this an important headline for understanding 1999.

8. Clash with the team

In a world where there was no rival Mario Cart, Unintentional dog arrived with a suggestion, clearly inspired by the Nintendo title, but prone to more technique and worse sensation.

9. Resident Evil 3: The Nebezzid

Only a year after the release of what is still the best for many Resident EvilCapcom released a third part that gave a more pronounced turn to action, thus defining the axis of the Resident Evil who had to arrive in the new millennium.

10. A man in the shade

Tituloza's cult is based on the cartoon of the same name, focusing on an individual who, thanks to voodoo magic, can travel between the world of the living and that of the dead. Serial killers, an innovative soundtrack and an environment capable of making hair hairless, make it one of the most horrible video games of all time. This is the favorite video game that writes this.

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